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    What do you guys think about the Grenades we should have in the game (if any) and how do you think we should get responses on hit?

    I personal would like to see a healthy Nade environment with Grenades, smokes, (useful) flashes, molotovs and maybe decoys. Different types of Grenades add a good Skilllevel and the correct usage can be difficult plus its good to have these when the game wants to be competetiv.

    I think the Hitmarker Topic is a bit more complicated i dont think showing acutal damage dealt is a good idea because its unrealistic to see how much health your enemy has left. The Way Pubg does it, bothers me as well, showing blood "explosions" on every hit. Maybe just seeing bloodstains is more realistic, denpending on weapon used, range and Damage, but i have no clue how hard this is to implement and its a more of a minor feature, so working on that wont have any priority. what i think would be good in terms of tracking is just blood on the ground where you hit your target, if he tries to escape and a bleeding mechanic, loosing hp if you're bleeding from your body or something, leaving bloodstains on the ground until you bandage/heal yourself.

    The whole healing mechanic is very interesing to me, since it can differ quite a lot from other games. Lets say we have the bleeding mechanic mentioned above in the game, we could differ in the strengh of the bleeding based on weapon used, armor, distence and point of impact. so if a pistol shoots your in your arm you can just use a bandage and the bleeding is stopped, but if an ak hits you into your belly, you need a first aid kit or something like that. using a bandage will only stop the bleeding for a limit amount of time. if a high tier sniper hits you in the throat, you need the highest tier healing to "fix that" and so on.

    Furthermore i think that damaging limbs should be rewarded. if i shoot someone in the leg they should move slower, until they heal, with damaged arms their aim should be less steady and recoil is increased and so on. and In the moment someone is hit while moving, they should be slowed down, depending on how hard they got hit (pistol less then ak on the same range)

    With this the topic of aimpunch also comes up, but i have no real idea to it, besides how it is implemented in games like CSGO or PUBG, whats your oppinion about this?

    i can also imagine some weapons dealing no damage at all for example a 9mm pistol shooting onto a max tier body armor damaging the armor slightly but deals no actual damage when shot from like 20 meters or more. similar thing with small caliber smg and range, making 0 dmg hits possible, that only damage the armor. on the other hand a pistol shooting you from a distence of less then 3 meter in the unprotected head/face should instandly kill you.

    I dont think meele weaons should be lying around. i like the idea of everyone having a similar close range knife type (or everyone gets a machete) of thing you spawn with (yeah i know, skins and stuff, pls dont copy csgo there) you could fight with early, if you dont find a weapon, but what i have more in mind is "stealthy" gameplay beeing able to silently killing someone that faces his backtowards you. but since this would be broken in an early fight environment (you run around, well arware and stuff and out of nowhere you just die to a knife because someone chased you) you need to be calm (not moving, moving very slowly) and have a stealth status or something. and if you try to knife someone while not beeing calm, or if the player faces towards you, you get punished for it, for example you dont hit him, and you oppnment can push you away, and you are stunned for a short duration, in which you most likely die from the weapon your opponment has.

    Last thing i wanna add is, I'm really hyped for the game, and however it will end up working, it should be great to play. I am well aware of the priorities of features to the game, and most of the things i have mentioned are already decided/ are impossible to implement in that detail/ are bad in a game, but I'd like to hear your critique and your own oppinion on the topics.

    I'm sorry for the long post and every single spelling/grammer/brain mistake i made, so thank you very much for reading it,

    Yours Sincerly,

    PS: Please make archery a thing. and I'm talking bows (and i would pay a shitload on these bow skins) and a good bow shooting mechanic

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    we need more long serious post like this. will read in full later. glanced and some key crucial points that I agree with

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    Shouldn't you post this in the Suggestions Section [I'm asking because I am not sure :D] ? This Post is really good and has good points that need to be considered. But I am pretty sure some of those were already (the Grenade Section probably).

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    Hey, I've moved your post to the suggestions list

    PS: Great post :D

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    @dunc4n-0001 thank you for moving it :)

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    I just want realistic throwing of grenades. PubG is a JOKE. A typical adult can throw much further than pubg allows, even I can throw farther than that, and I don't play any sports. I hope throwing grenades make sense. And if you right click, aka underhand toss, even that needs to make sense.

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    @namco-0001 not sure WHAT exactly you mean is a joke? personally i hate the nade spam that they keep alive. it's pretty much lacking in skill, not that it needs to be removed, but it needs a rework, it's worse than m4 kar98 spam always has been. I've said that it's related to the circles always ending too small=guaranteed that game ends in a nade duel 99% of the time, if not every engagements within that range, and you asking for further range due to some sort of realistic evaluation because you've been in the army or something?(lolwut?) just make this problem worse, which is just so anticlimatic, like you don't even shoot your gun..minimal aiming required....i'd rather rush with s12k at least you see your enemy......and speaking of lame nade spam, how about actual artillery and mortar for longer range actual warfare epicness


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