Hight tickrates for more stable gameplay on the servers.

  • Dear devs. How it lowtick rate game like pubg look like and why i dont wanna see this in Mavericks.
    Hope your servers will be with hight tick rates and not use bad variants like pubg do. Yep this cost more money, but i hope this is AAA game.

    mp4 video example

    Best regards.

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    They have stated in a round table video that the servers will be 60Hz but there is no reason they couldn't go higher.

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    Depend on the game code and server stability, 60hz servers will be "good enough" in all sense. Although, I think during the beta coming up soon in august, they need to test varying rates and see which performs the best while not breaking the server. If they can go higher then that needs to be the set standard.

    I know for a fact that a certain rate doesn't mean it will be similar to another game at the same rate. Some games seem to need more some seem to need less. It all depends on the back end of things during the betas.

    On that note, the video you posted, of you dying behind a wall, that is not a tickrate issue. That is a legit lag issue. Which ever server you connected to for that particular match, you probably had about 90ish ping while the person you fought had 5-30 ping, so to him you were still out in the open. That has NOTHING to do with tickrate and everything to do with ping.

    Low ping always has the advantage in any firefight in any game. I have fiber 1000/1000 internet which means I get my own fast lane, node to node a crossed the united states.

    When I was on 100/100, which can be done through normal coax, my pings were 15-30 east coast, 35-65 chicago/mid us, 55-90 mid west, and 90+ for west coast.

    Now that I am on 1000/1000, the node routes must give me all fiber routes from point to point because coax cannot handle a 1000/1000 connection (a fast lane, even when people said there were none).

    My pings as of now, 5-10 east coast, 15-30 chicago, 25-45 mid west, 55-80 west coast. That as you can see, is a HUGE difference simply because I have epic internet. IF ANYTHING, we need to roll-out 1000/1000 as the STANDARD connection (cheapest) in the USA if we want to push forward technologically.

    Now if you have a worse than 100/100 connection, like say 5/1 or 10/5 etc, the low low end of internet, your ping will be even worse simply because you are considered "not important" vs those with higher speeds. its a sad truth but its there.

  • Hello xD played pubg with ping 20-40 on EU servers and died many times like on video, dmg crosses not registered. Does it is server lag? Think not.

    When u playing on servers in games with low tickrates u can die, cuz server will not register your actions with good 0-40 ping. For example not register your dmg, register dmg with cooldowns and other shit.


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