Will there be high level of physics?

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    I am talking about player to player, player weapon barrel length to player weapon barrel length, player weapon barrel length to objects.

    Will there be explosion knock down effects or staggering if out of deadly range.

    Will there be grenade protection emphasis to hit the ground to reduce blast explosions

    Will you have to manually pat out fire if caught on fire by Moly initial explosions or fire propaganda

    Will Flash Bangs effect hearing and also peripheral vision?

    Will you be able to kick someone or kick open a door?

    Will Rifle/Weapon Bunts be available if caught in CQC situations?

    Will there be instant heals or heals over time? & Will there be bleeding effects and Disorienting effects?

    Will you be able to preform actions like vaulting over objects before you get to the object, and is there a cover system?


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