Creating Content.

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    So what is this topic here supposed to be for? I know it's early for to talk on this topic and probably will flourish once the closed Beta is out. How is the game going to support Content Creators?


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    I think it will be a place for us to plug our content. As well as talk among fellow creators about new video ideas e.g. series subjects and potential collaborations. Never the less we shall see once beta releases. This is when myself, among many others I assume will begin producing content. As for Mavericks supporting us. If the game functions as they claim it will, it will be doing plenty of supporting.

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    There's also already people creating Mavericks content, about interviews / videos we release / new information that comes out etc.

    Just a collective forum for all things content creation related, questions and help etc as well.

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    @sam In that case, will we be able to share live game play footage during the upcoming release in August?