Factions and their Perks

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    Along with the Capital Forces, there are four factions:

    • The Circle of Lazarus (COL)

    • Institute of Technological Resistance (ITR)

    • Last Special Forces (LSF)

    • The Syndicate

    0_1530362627362_the factions.png

    So far official given information hasn't stated much more than the lore and locations of these factions, but I feel there will be more to these groups than basic questing and cosmetics.

    As @soBr0kEn-0001 brought up in his recent video, which you can watch here, there seemed to be a box assigned to a "perk". This opens the doors many possibilities of play.

    The only shown "perk" so far is an extended or perpetual sprint, which was subtly shown at the e3 gameplay a couple of weeks back.
    I believe it would be a brilliant idea for factions to add their own perks to make the process of choosing your faction more tactical.

    For example:

    • The ITR could scan a house or small area for enemies once or twice a match

    • The Syndicate could have heightened tracking

    • LSF could slightly better gun handling and could be better at healing etc

    these are all hypothetical ideas from the top of my head

    Of course this may have it's flaws with the problems of balancing, and if done would need to be thought about thoroughly. It may be a case of these perks only being active during the Open-World aspect of the game and not the BR mode to assist with balancing.

    Feel free to post your thoughts and discussion below, and thank you to @soBr0kEn-0001 for identifing the idea in his recent video

    0_1530392932976_0464ccd3-1aa6-467a-b04c-abf9958c8d56-image.png 0_1530393022133_37f927f9-12b0-4270-88c5-4091235a9a36-image.png
    This info is incorrect, as @SharpY-0001 pointed out it is a distance counter.

    Apologies if I helped spread misinformation

  • A very interesting, in-depth article

    I love the idea of perks, it would give a more interesting spin the the game as a whole

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    thank you :)

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    In some footage I found here, there is a glimpse of the same HUD, but adjacent to your "perk" is a number in meters, resembling distance from something (circle, or quest perhaps) as you can see below.


    And these perks per faction have been said not to be a factor in the BR aspect of the game, as that would create unhealthy balance issues.

    Edit: I also found this image, so it must refer to distance from circle.

    On a separate note, I hope you didn't repost the message that got deleted by a moderator(?)... If it was you, you can simply edit your post instead

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    @sharpy-0001 What message are you speaking of? I'm not sure what you're on about

  • I rrreally like this idea tbh I hope it happens

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    I think that if LSF were to have better gun handling and/or could be better at healing, then everyone's gonna be picking LSF.

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    @marky-0001 said in Factions and their Perks:

    I think that if LSF were to have better gun handling and/or could be better at healing, then everyone's gonna be picking LSF.

    na bro. people will always pick what they want vs the best. and even if they pick that faction, you can still kill people in your own faction if im not mistaken (as it is a battle royal game, at least the launch will be, rpg side comes 2019)

  • Each factions should definitely have it's own perks.
    Here's my suggestions:

    • COL : Improved stealth, since they live underground and such (Less movement noise, their dress adapts color of the ground if they are prone[not too blended but just enough to fool others who are far away)
      Stealth: OOOOO
      Tracking: OOOOX
      Health: OOOOX
      Long-range: OOOOX
      Short-range: OOOOO

    • ITR : Improved tracking (Can track others up to a slightly increased range than other faction members, better flora and fauna vision)
      Stealth: OOOOX
      Tracking: OOOOO
      Health: OOOOX
      Long-range: OOOOX
      Short-range: OOOOO

    • LSF : Improved health, since they are war veterans (Gets damaged less when getting shot especially from long range)
      Stealth: OOOOX
      Tracking: OOOOX
      Health: OOOOO
      Long-range: OOOOX
      Short-range: OOOOO

    • Syndicate: Improved long range abilities, since even their ideology is to be secure and live luxuriously (Excels at long range attacks, but slightly bad at close range to balance out the system)
      Stealth: OOOOX
      Tracking: OOOOX
      Health: OOOOX
      Long-range: OOOOO
      Short-range: OOOOX

    What do you guys think?

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    @keefalcon-0001 Hey, great feedback, it's something that we're certainly going to inject into the character armour for use in the persisent open world. To what effect and at what stage in the character's progression is still in balance/itteration stages but extending the time-to-kill and adding a more of a fortified class system is something we're very keen on, and excited to bounce off your guys. Love the suggestions, I'm wondering if you've got access to our internal memos? ;)

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    One thing I'm curious about is: will my faction be persistent to my character? Can I, user, create multiple characters which I can level up following different skill trees to find which faction I like to play as more?
    Will I be able to just steal clothes and items and guns from other players, using their perks? Will I be able to save these items if I successfully exfiltrate with those?
    I'd like, for example, to create a master survivalist character good with camouflage and tracking, and maybe proficient with melee weapons and silent takedowns. So maybe I'd like to steal a camo jacket or some scanning tech, and if I'm feeling it, why not some light body armor!?
    This could be balanced like this: members of one faction have an arsenal of items they can use by default. They are proficient with those and can use them whenever, and maintenance is done on the items whenever they go back to their faction hideout or the city. If they are killed, their items can be stolen and used by members of other factions, that will be less proficient in their use, so will have less of a bonus, and for example a COL would be able to use an ITR tracking tech, but wouldn't have spare batteries or be able to fix the eventual cracks and damages that would be the result of the ITR fighting and dying. Conversely, the camouflage that could be stolen from a COL would have rips and tears accumulating overtime, lowering their efficiency and stealth bonus. A scavenged body armor would already be damaged, and a stolen sniper rifle would wobble a lot in the hands of someone who's not proficient in using it and doing maintenance on it.

    Speaking about survival and ambushes, if trees would be climbable, or if there was the possibility to make little hiding spots with fallen leaves or branches or something like that, it would be extremely cool. Traps, too!

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    @Moon-0012 Dude, I have just seen this!! I'm glad my speculation sparked some great thoughts. Yes I was wrong with the icon but I did find a special slot in the inventory so this might not be a dead idea yet!!!


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