Spotting System

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    I was thinking maybe the use of a laser guided tag system attachment for weapons.that will show Enemy on all team mates mini maps might work to report enemy.

    Even if you have to line them up with the laser attachment and press a key that says Enemy Spotted and then a red enemy dot would come up on mini maps

    As i know the 360 degree system in pubg can get a little confusing. For example when i report Enemy as being at say 120 and 20 feet out from my position. A team mate 100 yards to the side of me is looking at a totally different area to where i reported. As his 120 and 20 feet out is different to mine.

    Just a suggestion anyway you guys probably have it all worked out a lot better than pubg.

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    Not how it works IRL, I don't think it should be in the game.

    In pubg, you simply call out the #, "east 105" or "west 285". from that you can help your friends via "radio" (coms, rather in game or external app). tagging should not be possible as your map most likely isn't digital. (unless somehow, they go that route, which i doubt).

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    When I think of spotting system, I think of something similar to what Rainbow Six Siege has, the ability to place a marker where you are looking, directing friendlies attention there

  • EUROPA(RIng of Elysium), Heroes and Generals, Pubg mobile already have this feature and this is very usefull, but i suggest add m203 smoke nades with color. So player can mark with colorful smoke for example:
    red - enemys,
    green - loot,
    blue - mean already looted or clear.

    Mark system is not bad at all.

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    @ahrejl-0001 Tag an enemy (paint) not a bad idea, but only for sniper/recon characters. But only if the tag shows the last known position.