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    Post what you hope or wish will be done or doable in Mavericks

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    I want aiming to be spot on, similar to how aiming works in most normal games. aka direct aiming. none of this as you turn your gun sways. when you play pubg, just grab a gun and then look left and right, there is this retarded gun sway that is super unrealistic. its like you are some limp wrist-ed, limp arm weakling, who couldn't lift a 5lb weight. hence why totally realistic battlegrounds made fun of it so badly (just google a video). I fully expect aiming to be on part with games like counter strike, where its simple. its should be like moving your mouse cursor in windows.... you move it, it moves, no lag, no sluggishness, just direct 1:1 movement. And for those that think pubg's aiming is "good". well, you're wrong. even fortnight has direct 1:1 aiming, and that game sucks too. (i mean, why else are we all here? we are looking for a GOOD battlegrounds game, not more garbage).

    I would like to see realistic gun shot distances. I don't want to be sniped by an SMG or even an LMG.... A scar's max effective range (correct me if I am wrong) is about 400 meters (for accuracy), while and M24 is way above at 1250 meters. So in pubg, you can still use the scar to snipe like an M24, I've seen it done time and time again. hell they don't even have the distance right on the M24. If we are gonna make a game about guns based off real life weapons, then the guns need to make sense. An UZI has a max effective range of 200 meters. I shouldn't be "sniped" by an UZI at longer distances. (100 meter = 328 feet = .06 mile = .1 kilometer just for reference). Guns need to fit the proper profile.

    Then, spray patterns. Completely random spray patterns. CS:GO suffers from logical spray patterns to where once you learn them, its always an easy kill. It should always be random as it is in real life. There may be a certain kickback or even "methodical" way of controlling recoil for accuracy, but you still have adjustments to where no two clip sprays will be the same.

    Lastly, I want to see the game be FIRST PERSON ONLY. There is no reason to be able to see behind you via 3rd person. USE YOUR EARS. Which brings me to my next point, I hope Mavericks has a proper 3d sound engine so we can hear the echo's of gunfire through the trees and get confused of "where" it came from as it echo's. But able to hear the door behind you open or hear those footsteps 115 degrees to the back right of your character's position.

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    Seems like you will be disssappointed.

    Not that it's the game's fault, your ideas are just plain stupid.

    Firstly, it's a game hence the departure from realistic behavior of guns is done to make the game simplier and more accessible. Especially this type of game where the entire premise of it is to shoot guns and kill people. If you want realism play Tarkov.

    Then you mention spray patterns. The way it is done in CS:GO is the right way. Sure, after you master a certain weapons' pattern you might be getting kills but that is the point of the game, to master a pattern and be able to execute your skill with it against other highly skilled players. Way too many times I've died in Pubg because of RNG spray (or any other kind of RNG, that is).

    Lastly, both TPP and FPP were confirmed making it a good compromise. I don't see why limiting and certain players if they wish to play the other perspective.

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    Both of you mentioned valid points and of course have different preferences, which is cool. It supports the fact that Mavericks should ask for these preferences sooner than later while it's in early stages of development.

    Gathering insights early on and maybe consider meeting middle ground or having something like various battleground/region testings zones may be useful. Some sort of feedback or voting system here on the forums, in regards to the zones, would be nice too.

    The fact that this will be an out of the ordinary, 1000 player open-world BR, it is somewhat clear that decisions/changes will be more dramatic than Pubg, Fortnite, and H1Z1, etc. Hopefully, this forum post brings ideas and valid points to assist Mavericks.

    Personally, I wish to see a type of system with more than one form of testing methods at the same time be implemented. That way we all can test various desired implementations from Mavericks rapidly and personally state the pros and cons. I think it would be beneficial to be given many options for a game like this.

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    I will be disappointed? You seem to have inside information other people don't have? Glad to know you know everything about the game when a lot hasn't been said.

    People want fair and or realistic gun play. You can't just throw a game together and expect it to be good. PubG is a dying game, and as you point out, has terrible stupid unrealistic spray patterns based on typical RNG instead of realism. You even complain about the RNG spray pattern, which isn't REALISTIC AT ALL, but then say you don't want realism. PUBG is NOT realism at all, so you should LOVE IT.....

    I think there should be more than one pattern per gun (maybe I should have worded it that way to begin with?) to where the pattern makes sense, and the change is slight enough to where you need micro-adjustments when spraying but nothing insane like pubg. In real life, the spray pattern changes but its a minor change.

    Do you really want to be sniped by an SMG from long distance? That is unrealistic AND UNFAIR when someone may have a sniper and gets taken out by a sniping SMG.... pubg has this issue, the freaking scar or m4 bring used as a sniper at distances which aren't possible.

    From what I hear, the devs spoke about the mmo being third person but battle royal being first person. They also seem to be going for realism from what I heard, so if anything, you will be the one who is disappointed....

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    @namco-0001 @OFFICIAL-0001 Hi guys! Thanks for your comments, you're not wrong, this comes down to preference and I'd like to take you through our thinking and the start of the journey of the gunplay in Mavericks. We've taken the opportunity to infuse a 'pseudo realistic' shooting experience in Mavericks that takes the best of the usable/slick shooting gameplay of the CODs and Battlefields but with a flick of strong mastery and realism.

    Gunplay: Where are we at the moment?
    A defined guide-like recoil pattern that the player can master, it varies from gun to gun, with similarities in weapon classes, with a slight random recoil influence that varies in strength between guns. Spread is present and therefore will negate/ignore most, if not all taught recoil pattern as the gun quickly reals out of control with the shooter holding down the trigger.

    Gunplay: What does this mean?
    Long to medium range engagements require patience and great accuracy/reaction as the impact of the slight random influence on the gun naturally scales with distance, the spread will also need to be controlled, so fast automatic fire is going to be vague. Short range engagements are a greater test of the player's knowledge of the specific gun and the clutch twitch mastery, a gun's recoil pattern, and it's spread growth. Another important to consider and master is movement, player movements and character interactions such as jumping will impede the accuracy of the shooter, likewise a stationary player that's crouch with experience less recoil and spread growth.

    Bullet Travel, Physics, and Damage: 'Pseudo Realistic'
    With the unique opportunity to come at our gunplay from a fresh start, we've looked at our construct of gunplay and specifically bullets and investigated the effect of the realism stance vs the inverse stance of 'gamifying' bullet dynamics. Ensuring consistency, and holding true to related systems with accessibility, fluid gunplay that features strong mastery in a 'pseudo realistics' manner has led us to a design of the following: Bullets will have predictable bullet drop over distance varying between weapon classes with slight tweaks between individual weapons in the respective classes. Weapons damage will be reduced over range but only to a set point, after which damage will remain constant, with weapons like snipers experiencing very little damage falloff over range, and pistol having great damage close range but falling off to a measly damage level. Bullets will not be affected by the wind. The following decisions, we believe when considered with the associated gunplay mechanics and systems will provide the player with a strong consistent baseline of accessibility, but also a deep level of mastery that varies based on application and situation. Of course, it's worth reiterating that this is a game for you, the players, and all subject to balance and iteration as we go into our testing phases very soon, which is exactly what it's for!

    Perspective: First Person Only & Perspective
    Don't fret, you will be provided with a First Person Only game queue by launch. We're very aware of the differences between the two game perspectives, it's apples and oranges and they have their strengths/weaknesses and we respect the need to split them for the sake of competition and consistency.

    Let me know what you guys think and we look forward to getting you a built to play as soon as possible :)

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    @l4wrence That's good to hear. Predictable shots is good (as long as you are a good shot). Other BR games suffer from super unrealistic guns which sadly people call "realistic" which isn't at all. I hope you get gun play just right, I really do. An AK at a single shot, there isn't a huge hit of recoil. Currently in pubg, you shoot one shot from an AK, and the gun has this huge jump to it. That isn't where the AK's recoil comes in play, its when you spray with it that it has a really bad jump. I hope the gun play doesn't make us feel like limp wrist-ed children. I have had the pleasure of shooting real guns, and most of the guns we see have crazy recoil in games, don't in real life. I would say the most closet to real life recoil for guns would be the "desert eagle". I was able to once shoot the .50 version (as there are many ammo types of desert eagle) and even with two hands, it kicks hard after one shot. In comparison the desert eagle is small compared to an AK, if you had to hold the AK like a pistol it would surely kick as hard as it does in pubg after one shot, but luckily, you don't hold it that way. At the same time, if you were to manufacture a sort of extended handle on the desert eagle to place your hands similar to an AR, the recoil wouldn't be as bad. (imagine in your mind, it looks goofy as hell, and kinda stupid, but the main point stands)

    In my mind, I see players using guns that suit their play style. A game where, SMG's are just as useful to a player vs rifles or snipers. PubG's newest map puts AR's everywhere. You can get them like crazy. And it literally makes using shot guns or SMG's useless, because before you can get close to use an SMG or shotgun, you are sniped by an AR (which again, sniping with AR should not be possible and if you do it, do very little damage). Pubg also has shotguns completely wrong. Yes, the shot spreads outwards, but its not as bad as pubg in real life. Also the recoil of shotguns in pubg is completely wrong. Once again, that "limp wrist-ed child" comes to mind. Had a buddy with private land and we shot his 12 gauge for hours. The kick isn't nearly as bad as pubg makes it seem, at all.

    So, I am glad to hear what you wrote, and it makes me look forward to mavericks even more so.

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    @l4wrence said in List: Hopes and Wishes:

    Weapons damage will be reduced over range but only to a set point, after which damage will remain constant, with weapons like snipers experiencing very little damage falloff over range, and pistol having great damage close range but falling off to a measly damage level.

    This sounds really good. I would also prefer to have very little random bullet deviation on the first shot. So, the pressure is on the player to have their first shot on target because they know that if you fire in quick succession after that, that the accuracy is going to drop and the enemy have opportunity to return fire with their most-accurate first shot. It would also mean that you can have a single shot at someone at distance with any weapon, however the damage drop off will make the value of doing so with an SMG or a pistol (or even with an AR at very long distance) pretty low - unless the enemy is on very low health.

    Circle mechanic:
    I would like to see the circle movement being more like that which PUBG tried for only a few days (before they relented to pressure from a small but vocal minority of players), which is having the initial circles move quickly, but then it slows to walking pace for the 2nd half of the game. This means that as the play area becomes smaller, and more intense, you are less likely to go out of the game simply because you're forced to run like crazy in a straight line without time to make your movements more strategic. Dying by circle when you've not really made a poor decision is not fun.

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    Well, regarding item spawns..
    I'd like to see the items being inside something(or at least in areas with high density for spawns), like inside boxes/crates/drawers etc. When opened they would generate items at random. This could potentially help with unnecessary crap lying around making the game stutter with unnecessary information being rendered on the screen.

    Just a thought.

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    @timbazi-0001 after watching the GDC demo, they items all seem to spawn on crates. I think better weapons should spawn inside crates like you said but there still needs to be weapons and ammo and other items visible when you enter a room to make it fast and fluid to gear up.

    I would like weapons to be learnt against things and on tables etc though to feel more natural of how they would be placed in the world.

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    @l4wrence said in List: Hopes and Wishes:

    Gunplay: Where are we at the moment?
    A defined guide-like recoil pattern that the player can master, it varies from gun to gun, with similarities in weapon classes, with a slight random recoil influence that varies in strength between guns. Spread is present and therefore will negate/ignore most, if not all taught recoil pattern as the gun quickly reals out of control with the shooter holding down the trigger.

    I would rather have no RNG on the spread at all. Bullets go where a gun is pointed. If you can manage the recoil, you can fire straight.

    The number of times I've unloaded an AK form ten feet in PUBG and not scored a hit is just mental. If ARs were this innacurate in real life no one would use them.

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    I would love to see decoy granades in a BR game (there are none right now as far as I know?)

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    @ohemgee-0001 I wanna see you full auto an entire magazine of an Ak-47 in real life. Doubt you'd get anything done lol
    PUBGs shooting isn't rng at all. Just pull down close to mid range and you're fine

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    @thooom-0001 there was in radical heights but sadly that game didnt last to long had alot of potential but as a extremely cartoony br


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