Discord Role Not Working

  • Founders

    Hey there... when I click "Grant Discord Role" it appears to send a success message, but in reality nothing changes on the Discord server, and I have no new roles or channels available.

    I've tried on different browsers as well...

    When I go back to the account page, the link is still available, so that tells me it's not doing what it says its doing.

    Is this a known issue? Is there a better sport to report this and get help?


  • Founders

    Do you (or did you at some point) have a different Discord account logged into the browser than in the actual application?

  • Admin

    Hi Lethality,

    I'll nudge the guy who made the Discord integration about this on Monday morning and see what we can do. Try look into this bit more.

    Founders has clearly been applied so might just be a Discord bot issue. Fingers crossed we can get this sorted soon.