More meaningful loot disbursement

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    Meaningful (good):

    Airdrop (with event-based spawn, based on the lore of the game, with high visibility/risk and value)

    A scene of battle, dead bodies (with all the items they have successfully acquired based on their game path so far)

    Zones of high building concentration or of specific types. A military/construction/police structure might supply more of, or the only source of, explosives for example (but then higher player attraction and risk). There could be certain items that don’t spawn at military/construction areas too (to make a more varied experience of what risk-reward players seek – this should be map lore based and encourage players to seek out specific/special loot – beyond the basics.

    Special chests in sparse but random locations (a special reward, stumbling on something lucky, maybe a rusty box hidden in some bushes or half buried in a stream).

    Loot stashes that set off an alarm or coloured smoke cloud when opened. Or something has to be destroyed to get at the loot, which attracts attention and takes prep time.

    Non-Meaningful (bad):
    Little piles of loot at the center of each room in buildings that all follow the same 10 templates (think PUBG).
    No difference in spawn location for types and amounts of loot (just fill those room boxes with little loot piles and make sure there’s always a handful of ammo for each).

    I am not saying I want things to be too predictable based on the map, I still want dynamic/random spawns, but meaningful procedural biomes that people seek out based on drop/circle locations and risk.

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    I've moved your post to the suggestions list as this isn't really a founder thing :D

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    I honestly think mavericks has all this hashed out. I mean we have battlegrounds mode and then their rpg explore mode. So I think either way it will be a fun game. I really wanna buy in early, but there isn't enough gameplay footage to snag me... although i might buy in anyway, because 30 bucks isn't as huge as other games asking price (paid 500 for ashes early access lol)

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    Well I'm impressed with what they are doing with the depth of the world systems (wildlife, destruction, tracking). They haven't mentioned loot systems AFAIK.

    This is such a big part of Royale gameplay and is overlooked. It would be great if the same design philosophy creates some innovation in this area. Think about how much time you spend looting in a PUBG or Fortnite game, how much a part of gameplay it is in terms of time and focus throughout the match. What's crazy is this isn't a focus of the major creative game design. As a result, we get very grindy gameplay in this phase.

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    I ended up buying in early to this game. I figured why not. Support someone who is trying to be different.

    The destructible world is a huge plus. The leaving foot prints, wild life, breaking twigs in bushes, etc, are all something I am looking forward to. I can't stand games that are basic these days. I keep looking for the games that push boundaries, that want to try something new off the beaten path. Which I guess is why I bought into mavericks, and ashes of creation before that. I am so tired of big box games that are just, bland. they don't push boundaries anymore, they just want our money, or worse go for fads (which, battle royal is a fad right now, hence fallout 76 and battlefield battlegrounds).

    I don't mind grinds, as long as it has substance along the way. In a sense, all games were grinds, even mario or super mario world were grinds. but they went about it in a way that challenged you. hell even crash bandicoot was a grind (and i just bought the trilogy for switch, because yaaaaaas)