few question about game

  • this game is f2p when full launch and paying 60$ yearly is only option ? for gun stuff any paid items
    map is destructible ? like break doors hole in any wall ?
    so game is Destiny type with Pubg style ?
    how you guys charge money in US $ or British Pound ? coz game company locate in England
    $29.99 how much i have to pay in canadian $ coz few xtra money on convert cad to wat ever currency , its cost too much if an correct

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    1. The game will be free to play, the 60$ citizenship is just an option which will unlock features non-citizens don't have.
    2. I didn't really understand the question but you can break houses down apparently.
    3. They charge 29.99 US$, so if you pay in euro or something else you'd have to pay VAT. (I had to pay ~33 euro instead of ~25-26 euro)

  • @2. i mean like rainbow 6 seige can we break any wall

    i check its cost me 41 CAD$ but didn.t explain y

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    $30 USD converted to CAD is already 40, plus any applicable taxes could result in the value you are seeing

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    Currency conversion is handled by our payment handler. So the conversion rate of of USD to CAD isn't 1:1 so the number would be higher. To my knowledge this excluded VAT as it's handled in USD. I might be wrong on that, I'll try get a confirmation.

    Scenery is destructible.

    You can find out more information about the benefits that Citizenship provides in the support forum under "What is Citizenship" hope this helps.