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    Risk vs Reward

    Leave the safety of the social hub and enter a world of opportunity and consequence. Immersed in our dynamic living world, character customisation and wealth of available loadout equipment, you can explore, evolve and dominate. But remember you're risking everything, so be mindful and strategise accordingly.

    And Also,

    Extract & Survive

    As you dominate and develop your in-game wealth you'll accrue items, equipment and our in-game economy 'bits'. However, an extraction process is required before these can be ultimately banked. Extraction begins with the player initiating the Preparation stage which will allow for items and currency to be input. Uploading will then ensue, taking the items and currency stored and converting them into data, permitting them to be uploaded and extracted. During the Upload process, your drone will hover overheard as data is collected. The drone and its upload progress will be visible to nearby players and can be compromised, so be sure to protect it. Once Upload completes, all inputted value is secured in the owner's bank, and the player and party are permitted a secondary function of safe relocation to The Capital.

    Does this mean it will play like Escape from Tarkov where you can lose your weapons and items. and you will have to be prepared for a heap of Snakes waiting at extraction points to kill you and loot you.

    or will the upload of items and extraction process be able to be done anywhere in the game map. which hopefully moderates the number of players able to see your drone and stops extraction campers thanks.


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