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    What will be mavericks anti-cheat system? Will it use 3rd party.... 1st party... combo.... analytics... rolling address calls on every game launch... rolling encryption keys on every game call...

    Asking as I do not want this game to be a one month hit wonder before flooded with cheats like all of the other current games.

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    Nothing exact yet on Anti-cheat specifications.

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    They talk a little about anticheat in their round table video on SpatialOS. It sounds space-age compared to the mess PUBG is using:

    James also has previous experience with cheats/anticheats so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he knows what he's talking about - until we see the results.

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    PubG uses a typical "look for injection" type cheat, where it tries to find the cheat itself being injected into the app, or foreign code.

    CS:GO recently started using an AI system that detects the weird mouse movements and incorrect game-play direct, without needing to look for the injection of the cheat. so it doesn't matter which cheats you download, the AI system can see the aim-lock, be it head or chest, it can see no recoil, it can also see no bullet spread. Which has been working wonders.

    Hopefully, this game will have a good anticheat system, I absolutely LOATH cheaters. And its become a common meme to cheat because "im da best bruh" which is pathetic.

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    i really hope they put effort into the anti-cheat cos battle royale's always have hacks

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    Vac, Battleye, GG, Punkbuster?

    Hopefully it isn't Battleye -.-

    Also i hope they ban macros from the game, i'm sick of macro users. :disappointed_relieved:

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    I have seen the video where it talks about spatial OS and the ability to run detections other software has not. My post was for the devs to elaborate vs the guess work. As we all know, games are riddled with cheats and to know there is a defense on many fronts to remove live, after, etc vs waiting for ban waves which serve zero purpose as it affects the legitimate player and them returning.


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