Stats increase based on gun usage with some decay

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    I think there should be some skills that are increased based on how much you use a gun. Like leveling your usage by kills with a gun should minorly increase recoil control, reload speed,etc. There should also be a decay to a minor degree kinda like memory. Use it or lose it. This can be used with other types of skills and such in the RPG aspect and could also be the basis to unlock certain things in game as well. For BR could be a method of unlocking a few skins or extra points or what not instead of giving an edge because that wouldn't be fair. Modify this suggestion because i know there could be alot of holes in here.

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    And interesting concept but it seems pretty problematic to me.

    Lets take recoil for example, if you use a specific gun a lot you get to know how it handles and can compensate for that recoil. The more experienced you get the better you handle the weapon and the more you can do with it. When you account for your experience and do some spray tests the 'net stats' look like this: new user - standard spread (normal recoil), experienced user - less spread (appears as less recoil).

    Your proposition already happens for some aspects of weapon control, it's called experience and muscle memory. To add perks that boost these things further would effectively be 'doubling up' and everyone would be shooting full auto lasers.

    Now on the other hand, there are most certainly things that experience cannot improve, say for example reload times or weapon sway. You could grant a very minor reload speed buff to a weapon you have been using a lot recently, or for 'gaining levels' in that weapon proficiency (in the MMO not the BR). But how much is reasonable, gives too much of an advantage or is so small it isn't worth it etc?

    Interesting concept but balancing could be very difficult, and some aspects are by definition 'already implemented' in the user.