Hi I'm Tracey aka MsTress - streamer/gamer from Australia <3

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    Hey everyone! I'm a gamer from way back, played everything over the years but really into FPS/BR games the past few years. Played a lot of PUBG & got very involved in the PUBG community here in OCE in various ways including being an Admin in our largest discord, modding stream for various well known names etc. Have more recently played a lot of Ring of Elysium and modded the OCE discord for that. I'm really keen to get into Mavericks and see how it goes. Would love to meet some other OCE players too - I have already convinced a bunch of my crew to sign up but it would be nice if we could get an OCE community connected as well. Feel free to get in touch or add me on Discord - username there and on Twitch/social media is TraceyMmm but my IGN for gaming is MsTress. Look forward to meeting some of you! ❤

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    let the hype begin 😎

  • Good to see a fellow Aussie gamer!

  • Hello, hope to see you active in the community

  • Nice to see another twitch streamer that streams PUBG, hope to see you on twitch. My twitch is twitch.tv/belmontKO
    Will definitely follow and try to support whenever I can.

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    Ayy fellow aussie! I'd love to have a game or two with someone who is on the same server.