Forum Background problem

  • On the forum you have the triangle patterned background, with a lighter grey block for the actual forum sections but when you go into a single thread the triangle background is there instead of the block background, this makes it quite hard to read.

    Can you force the block grey down to thread level please?

    Ta muchly...

    Block background...
    alt text

    Horrible pattern background...!
    (I had to put the crappy red line round so you can differentiate between my pic and the ral background...)
    alt text

  • Admin

    Having the web dev team take a look at it, not entirely sure why it doesn't transfer down, however you can use the other theme by clicking on the light bulb on the top right of the navigation bar.

  • Founders

    @dingisback-0001 The fact there was a downvote... boggle; I came here to complain about the same thing.