Der_Metzler - streamer from germany

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    Hello everybody,
    I'm Der_Metzler , what can mean something like The_Butcher or The_Dismemberer in english. I'm 30 years old, a soldier, streamer and dad and love to play Survival/FPS/BR Genre. I've played PUBG in the Top 50 EU for one season and than the game has begun to crash and those bugs like jumping Trike for e.g. happened so I switched to Escape from Tarkov. Actually Escape from Tarkov has a armor bug, so I'm annoyed of the game too and waiting for patch 0.9. I think Mavericks and SCUM will be my future streaming games. Would like to get to know some other germans here. We will see us on the proving grounds mates. Feel free to add me on steam, discord, Twitch, instagram!

    Best regard,