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    It would be cool to be able to explore the map in our own time - eg, outside of a current BR game?

    I really like the idea of the shooting range for honing gun skills, but hopefully that is only part of the gameplay - I'm hoping to also hone being one sneaky son-of-a-b.... :-)

    When I played competitively in Tribes 2, we would have weekly practice sessions where we spend a few hours just exploring the maps looking for the best attack vectors and escape routes.

    It would be awesome to be able to do this in the proving grounds also. I think it would enhance the persistence aspects of the game too - knowing which things you can destroy to give a better view/angle and which routes leave the least trackable path, etc.

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    The same map will be used in the MMO aspect of the game, so you could explore it there, although it would be even more risky than in the BR.

    But yes, I agree, this is a feature I would love to see as well.

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    +1 Good idea


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