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    I seriously don't know how to start this post, but as the title says, South African servers.
    We, South African players/ nearby players, are known to be the unluckiest players. We always left alone without local servers and have to play with high latency.
    There is a petition, requesting for south African servers for pubg. It has 10k+ supporters. Yet no servers.
    Playing with high ping always end up being frustrated.
    High latency + desync + bad netcode = :neutral_face: :rage: :confused: :confounded: :cry: :sob:
    Since i'm not a local player, the server that provides best ping is Singapore server. I usually get 100-130. Some of my local friends would get higher ping even tho they have better internet connection.
    There's only few games that have South African servers. I can mention some, Battlefield, CS, etc..
    But we are always left alone.

    I know that Mavericks will run on Google servers and there is no google data centers in South Africa.
    I don't know how it works, but Microsoft Azure is coming to South Africa pretty soon, we would be glad if Mavericks could support it and make an exception for us.

    Please don't ignore us.

    So, i'm making a petition to show the demanding of South African servers for MVX.
    Link is here

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    @pain-0005 said in South African Servers:

    I usually get 100-130

    I just want to mention that I am from US West, and most games only support US East servers in which I get a ping of 80-120 (depending on game quality/exact server location). I see Anything above 150 as unplayable however.

    Beyond that, I like that you did your research before making your post, and mentioning a possible alternative (that being the Microsoft data center). But you must also remember alternative costs, aside from that of obtaining the server itself.

    From the Spatial OS Pricing website.

    • You pay per GB* per hour
    • You pay per managed worker container per hour
    • You pay per hour, based on how many operations are sent per second
    • You pay per GB* of game data sent from deployments

    Notice the word per hour
    I would have to assume you pay per hour of each server, so one hour IRL might be the equivalent to four hours of paid time (assuming four servers)

    And considering other games do not have to sport this extra cost (of SpatialOS), and still haven't run servers in SA, the cost of the servers themselves must be enough to not to foresee profit, the driving force behind the world ;)


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