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    I think vehicles do a lot to create emergent gameplay and add extra layers of fun, tactics and chaos to the large map battle royale experience.

    Part of this is having good interactions with the environment and physical simulation.

    • Varying surface physics affecting movement and destructible environmental elements (wooden fences, hay bales, small trees, people) that all create physical resistance
    • Destructible tires and directional destructible armor
    • Good jumping mechanics with maps that make jumps useful (broken bridges, cliffs overlooking towns...etc.)
    • Forgiving damage to players in a car to allow for falls and impacts for crazier antics
    • Damaged vehicles don't control as well
    • Balanced arcadey vs realistic handling to make for good environmental interaction and gameplay
    • A variety of vehicles (diff. stats on passengers, armor and handling)
    • Vehicles affecting destructible buildings (possible to ram car into wall of building to gain entry)
    • Vehicles create dust clouds (esp. when skidding) on certain surfaces which act as shorter/smaller lasting obscuring smoke.
    • Vehicle scarcity variation for those desperate times when you need to win a vehicle over another team or barely save your life from the circle

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    JUMPING PHYSICS? You mean a car goes off a jump and then nose dives into the ground killing all the passengers?

    I think vehicles should be rather simplistic. You get in, it drives, bam. There is no reason for super crazy vehicle physics, because in all honesty, not a single game on the market gets vehicle physics right. Not even games that are all about driving, like a few of the forza or gran turismo games. All still lacking true real life physics. they are still incorrect. There isn't a single game on the market that has true real world driving physics. so, I have to disagree and say no thanks.

    I am down with multiple modes of transport, from huge transport trucks that can hold up to 8 people in the back and 2 in the cab, to little buggies and bikes. Also maybe military vehicles which have weapons mounted, like Humvee's with machine guns on top.

    HOWEVER, if you can shoot from a vehicle, or even use a turret on same vehicle, they need to make sure its as far away from pubg as possible. In pubg, as the vehicle moves, it messes up your aim from the vehicle. The vehicles movement should not effect your aim, there is a way of disconnecting the aim and making it separate from the vehicle. think of it like those auto adjusting camera mounts, as you move, it can auto stabilize, so you can move around your hand that holds the mount, and no matter where you move, the camera sits still. it needs to work like that (gyro?). that way as you are in a vehicle, the only point that changes is the center point of where you are vs where you aim, so if the vehicle hits a bump, your aim wont be effected.

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    I want the physics to feel close to something that is "realistic", not cartoony. But honestly, with everything in video games it isn't truly realistic and for Battle Royale it isn't about a driving simulation.

    I real life, if you drove your car off a high bridge into water you could come out severely crippled or dead. In a BR game I want this to be an escape plan (with maybe some minor damage as a trade-off).

    IDK about smooth aiming from a vehicle. Maybe it could be smoothed out a bit more to account for a person's ability to naturally compensate. Guns have recoil, why shouldn't vehicles add to that challenge. There should be smooth and rough surfaces and the speed and physics of the vehicle should matter.

    Again, it isn't about total realism but fun, challenging gameplay components that are in a "realistic" genre.

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    @magicalwonder-0001 I have messed around with friends playing paintball on a buddies 5 acre land, and we used vehicles, I had no issue aiming out the window with a paintball gun, no matter how rocky the terrain was I was able to compensate because I am not a stiff mannequin. To say it throws off your aim is absolute bullshit. Now if you are driving say 100mph and you hit a rock, enough that it throws you in the air inside the car, enough to throw your aim off its point like in pubg, you probably got bigger issues to worry about because you are probably about to flip over....

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    @namco-0001 see id have to take a middle ground between you and magical by all means yea it should not affect you any were near the same as something like pubg but pubg you can also flip a car going 30 on an ant hill but by all means if your on some wicked terrain if youd be jolsting in your seat then it should affect your shooting in some manner. I mean i havent been paintballing in vehicles but ive gone mudbogging and trail riding / rock crawling and ill tell you right now if not for a 5 point harness id of been out the window sometimes. a lot of it would depend on what kind of vehicles they would put in because if you go and throw a old jeep in yea by all means its terribly bouncy in the first place with just little changes in the pavement let alone off road now on the other hand if you have some newer vehicle in general the whole way the vehicle drives and feels to ride in is completely different so it would really be a big part on how "realistic" they wanna get or if they even wanna take into consideration the age or kind of vehicle let alone how it would bounce the passengers ect.
    more of less tho it should be more along the lines of you hit a BIG bump or sudden impact things like that which will significantly move the passenger then yes throw the aim across the screen but for just riding on a trail/road ect it should be very minimal if at all there. my concern would be more along the lines of making sure you dont just straight die jumping out of a vehicle going 15 or take absurd damage from a vehicle idling into you or crap like, that along with proper destructibility with tires and the vehicle as a whole

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    Speaking of vehicle gameplay, I'd like to see knockouts while in a vehicle handled differently than in PUBG.

    What I imagine is a mechanic where, when a passenger's health is fully depleted, they'd go into a "knocked" state where they can't switch seats, can't exit the vehicle, and can't be revived until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. In this state, they would bleed out very quickly compared to a standard knockout, forcing the driver to make a split decision about if and where to stop.

    If the driver decides not to stop, then the passengers bleeds out and the shooter is rewarded with a kill just as they likely would be in PUBG, as drivers rarely ever go back for knocked passengers. If the driver does decide to stop nearby and / or in an area with minimal cover, then the shooter (and their team) are rewarded with a golden opportunity to kill everyone in the vehicle instead of just the player they knocked. And finally, if the driver actually does manage to escape and quickly navigate toward adequate cover to perform for a safe revive, then they are rewarded for thinking fast and making a clutch play.


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