Can you do the closed beta LIVE in August?

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    The beta closed in August, could be broadcast on the twitch? Or will not content be allowed in the game?

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    This is actually an item on the FAQ! Point 6 states: Can I live stream the Beta?

    Answer: This is still being discussed, but will be made clear closer to the time of our closed beta launch.

    You can find the FAQ here:

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    Me personally, they absolutely need to let us stream the beta.

    When you look at their timeline/roadmap on the main web-page, it says closed beta in August, open free beta October, and then launch in December.

    Considering how "close" we are to a release, and we have little to NO information about the game, they absolutely need to let people stream the closed beta. Otherwise there wont be enough hype. Its bad enough all the game-play videos we have are "extremely early alpha" and "it doesn't represent the current state of the game" so if they want people to come on in, they need to let people stream, even if its only known streamers.

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    Expanded beta in October isn't "open free beta" like you said if you read the road map it literally is wrote "More players will be getting access to the closed beta as we ramp up towards the end of the exclusive period." wich i assume the new players are picked from the non founder but early signed up account but it's probably still gonna be under a NDA status.

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    Streaming alpha games these days fuck up many games, because people can't see the game its on alpha all they do is trashtalk.

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    @kharkass-0001 You gotta read between the lines bro....

    If the 29.99 pre-pay is "limited" to a certain amount, this is the core for the closed paid beta. Once those sell out, those will be the ONLY people playing in the closed beta...... That's why it was limited (I remember the link saying it was limited before you click to buy in).

    Then yes, it does say there will be an expanded beta, but if YOU scroll down, it literally says open beta after that. Sure they may open up sales again to sell more for the expanded beta, but open beta is literally the SAME MONTH according to their own timeline, which makes me think the expanded beta will NOT be paid like the first "founders beta". It will most likely be a "open beta sign up" and the first XXXX amount of people will be allowed to participate in the expanded closed beta, then EVERYONE who signed up for open beta will get into the open beta later that month.

    @LaZer-0001 I disagree, people talk shit about alpha because they are the trolls. If you think about the actual amount of people online, you have the trolls, the ones who never shut up, those who don't talk much, etc. You just happen to hear the trolls and loud mouths popping off, that doesn't represent the true growth of a game. Just look at ashes of creation, tons of people talking shit about the combat system looking like ass, the crappy UI, etc. AND YET, people have bought in, it made damn near 3 million dollars during its kick-starter and probably another 2 million with their websites private founder packs you can buy (75 bucks to 500). They got so much money to fund their game, they hired enough employees to reach over 100 employees, which is insane for any MMO to date. So, no, those people talking shit doesn't sway anyone, they are just assholes for opening their mouth knowing its "alpha".

    Also, this game is not currently in alpha. The shit they showed is alpha yes, but if beta is coming in august then clearly alpha is OVER and DONE with. Thus we wont be showing a game in alpha, we will be showing a game in BETA. So by all means, I have to disagree.