Ballistic system or hitscan?

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    Hey i was wondering if mavericks will include a ballistics system like in PUBG or hitscan? Or some bullets have drop and some are hitscan like in fortnite?

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    It's confirmed that it will be ballistics. The CEO Confirmed it on an interview after E3

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    One of the dumbest things of PUBG is that the individual guns are what govern damage. That is some of the most stupid crap in gaming. IMO it should always be the ammunition itself that is balanced so that anything that shoots it will do the same amount of damage. The only difference between one and the other should be its usability/accuracy/recoil.

    Oh, and for the love of god...don't leave anything to RNG. Every single shot should be able to be replicated with complete accuracy.

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    A longer barrel firing the same ammunition will result in a higher muzzle velocity as the propellant has more barrel to accelerate the projectile through.
    Higher velocity = more kinetic energy = higher 'damage value' in games.

    Yes, different weapons firing the same ammunition can have slightly different 'damage' values, how much variation that actually causes I don't know exactly. But it's not stupid crap, it's physics.

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    Fair point.

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    this is why long barrel/heavy barrel attachemtns up the damage/velocity of the bullets. but also create more force upon the gun that creates harder recoil to control. then you must look into bi-pod or object mounting so create more stability vs free standing, crouching and proning.

    Totally Accurate Battle Grounds has all these attachments that play heavily into gun play and perhaps even superior vs PUBG.

    You even have knock down effects when attaching long barrel to snipers too.

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    In my opinion, PUBG has introduced a ballistic system that is far superior in the sense of bullet velocity and bullet drop. and that's it.

    They went from AR's being the everything rifle because of sheer damage output and time to kill (DPS)
    all guns revolving around CQC SMG, Shotgun, Pistols lost to battles against the AR because of its DPS match up. SMG and Shotgun player model hit boxes usually ended up hitting the arms and hands of enemy players when it came down to CQC. (with no limb bullet penetration)

    At the same time, they had Reduced Aim Punch so people were not being effected while taking shots, which created a hyper toe to toe fighting mentality.

    At the same time K98 and 1 shot head shot weapons were not being aim punched and players would use lack of aim punch to hard peek/or on purposely soak 1-2 shots to secure toe to toe fighting and kill the other person with 1 shot.

    -PUBG- ups the Aim Punch and then increases Recoil to AR and DMR, Changes damage numbers on 98% of all guns, Changes SMG's and Shotgun's Damage Amplifiers to Arms and Hands to a huge ratio(making it effective) vs AR's. AR's hand and arm ratio stays the same and are greatly effected when players medium range are shooting at them they hit the arms and hands and they do very little damage.

    These are comical changes, they do not know how to balance gun types and do not want to introduce any new systems like Bullet Penetration, and also what ballistics actually do to players when being shot.

    In my humble opinion, the games gun play is very basic and has conditioned the PUBG masses to spray and pray rather than burst and taking the time to shoot people. this bare bones PUBG shooting mechanic is bad for business when other developers want to push something out that is cutting edge and realistically balanced when it comes down to game play.

    people will all ways say they want fun vs realism but you have to ask your self the question was it technology that was holding the game into a rut, or was it development that was comfortable and let people think its the norm to be arcade y in a realist game genre?

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    Projectile is correct, at least everything so far to my knowledge.

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    @noontimedrunk-0001 For the most part I agree with what you're talking about except a couple of points there. PUBG is working on introducing a limb penetrating system and have admitted to needing to get away from the spaghetti code band-aid fixes. That is going to take time to happen though.

    The other thing I don't exactly agree with you about is the concept of realism versus arcade action. Be careful what you wish for. Where exactly do you draw the line? If you want to see what a game looks like that strives for realism while both achieving and failing at it then play Escape from Tarkov. I used to love that game until they went hyper realistic with things like having to load each bullet into empty magazines and having to go through an ammo check animation to have a guesstimate on how many bullets are left in your magazine. You have to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise you turn a game with wide appeal into a god damned niche game for a few thousand people.

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    If you've been around the pubg scene, "limb penetration" has been underway since early February. I like the idea that pubg made a damage model for players, but limb penetration must be implemented at the same time. Otherwise you get the "OMG I hit this guy five times and he only took 50% of his hp!" moments, and no one likes it when you get cheated out of a kill.

    P.S. If you thought for a second it was going to be hitscan, a kill 2km away would be just as satisfying as 2 inches away. Gunplay would be at it's worst.