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    It seems like every battle royal game has you jumping out of something (plane/bus ect) over the map and you parachute down wherever. Does anyone think it would be cool if the map was broken up in quadrants, and you selected what one you wanted to go to before the game started? Nobody would know what anyone else picked (except for people on your team of course). Could make for some pretty intense fighting if you happen to choose a quadrant a bunch of other people happen to pick as well. That "Oh Crap" moment I think would come up way more. Still not sure how you would get there. Like if you would just "appear" there or still be forced out of something flying over. Maybe each quadrant has it's own helicopter hovering over it when the game starts. You see for a spit second how many people chose the same area you did before your forced out and you have a short fall to the ground. High enough though so that you all don't land on the same building so that you would have a chance to spread out a bit if you chose to but not so much that you end up in someone else quadrant. I don't know. Just spit balling here.


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