Founder's unique house/mansion/villa

  • I am not sure if this idea fit with mavericks gameplay, but here it is.

    Give unique house/mansion/villa that is place around mavericks map to founders that give best contribution to the game development.

    Founder's name will be carve somewhere like at the front gate, signboard, etc. Or founder can use whatever name he want to put there as long as it is unique(not same name as other founder house).

    The house is open for player to enter for shelter, ambush etc.

    The owner of the house (founder) has option to spawn the same way other player spawn or spawn in his house.
    There will be a treasure chest place randomly in one of the founders house.

    Player can take the chest into his inventory. The chest is lootable from player's corpse/remain.
    The winner of the battle royal round that has the treasure chest in inventory can choose from a selection of rare cosmetic item as reward or whatever reward the devs see fit.

    Because the founder can spawn in his house, there is a chance that he will found the chest first (if the chest spawn in his house), but other player can just kill the founder and take the chest anyway. So i dont think it is too much of an advantage for the founder.
    Also the treasure chest is just an extra reward to be taken/side mission to complete, not the main objective of the game.
    It is a way to make certain location is more of an interest for player to go explore/engage other player.

    Because the treasure chest spawn in random house, there is less chance for player to obtain it. If the frequency of player winning the battle royal with treasure chest in inventory is still too high, developer can just add cooldown for the chest to respawn. Maybe once a week?

    Optional feature:
    At the end of the month house owner has option to change the layout of his house or just leave it the same.
    This feature should only be implemented after all core ascpect of the game complete.

    Just a suggestion from me, thanks for reading.


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