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    My name is John!

    Not a streamer or anything of the likes, just an avid gamer with a background in Gaming.

    My job prior to a career change was a Technical Scripter & Automations Engineer working with Rockstar North/T2 in Scotland.

    My attention was drawn to this game from the bold statement of 1000 PVP. Since then I've been following all the updates and news keen to get a taste, eventually I bought into the Founders bundle.

    I can't wait to dive in and get to grips with the game 1st hand! and also stay active on here, where we can discuss and collectively drive this game to where it should be! The Top!

    Cheers ☺ ,


  • Admin

    Glad to have you around John!

    It's great to see how active the community is already, not long left to wait, we promise :')