Alternative map movement progression

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    Another upcoming BR game, Fear the Wolves, seems to suggest it might not use the shrinking circle device, at least exclusively.

    It has shifting radiation clouds or varying strength and other environmental deterrents to move players across the map.

    The final map point looks like it is based on an extraction helicopter. So it isn't necessarily the shrinking circle that makes players collect at the final battle area.

    I was thinking that other dynamic elements in a map could force player movement.

    Maps could be designed with inescapable choke points:

    • collapsing tunnels and structures
    • walls and (un)locking gates
    • destructible or activatable bridges over large bodies of water that could be necessary to cross
    • spreading wildfires/poison or anticipated explosions
    • security lockdowns in building constructs

    These choke systems could be numerous and randomized (in terms of activation or map spawn) over the progression of the session to create a dynamic flow of safe areas as the game zeroes in on an extraction point or even a contained space that is based on map structures (but still unpredictable).

    If there are enough of them they could take the place of a circle. They could still evolve in a random way and also give a warning that they are going to get activated soon with countdowns (as they become confirmed).

    To abstract this:
    Visualize a map grid of square rooms, each with 1 door on each of the 4 walls. Whether each door is locked or not determines the available movement. If you looked at this as a pixel grid, you could make a rough shrinking circle by locking doors in the square rooms (pixels) or filling them with poison gas. So take this abstract idea and apply it to wider spaces with a variety of choke methods that are asymmetrical, creatively designed and worked into the natural appearance of a map. And then you don't even need a circle shape anymore.

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    I think the movement should be free, without choke points. But that's just me. Choke points happen without the need for random events. I mean, plenty of times in other battleroyal games, you end up choking at a spot with plenty of people simply from how the circle happen to move in and where you had to head off to. One game 5 teams of 4 ended up all near each other simply due to where the circle was, and where the next one was. We had to fight each other to move on. It got down to 2 teams left and they happen to run away from each other to either end of the new circle. Choke points happen, forcing them, is kinda lame. In a way, that brings RNG into the game and RNG should not exist unless its an MMORPG (which, that side of the game isn't going to be worked on until 2019). You travel down a tunnel and end up at a locked door that isn't usually locked, you cannot open it, so you have to turn back. Another team had the same idea, and now you are stuck fighting a battle you didn't expect simply because of RNG. That is crap. Now if you went down the tunnel, and there was a team at the other end, so you turn around and then get pinched, that is okay, because it was RNG in a sense of the map changing, but more so on luck of where teams happen to go which is very fair. On that note, I did read something about how the MMO side of the game will eventually effect the battlegrounds side. Like if a temple got blown up in the MMO, if a battlegrounds map happened right after, you would see that temple blown up just like in the MMO side. Not sure if that's how its gonna work, but it was said and it was read. I could be wrong (that person who wrote it could be wrong).

  • As alternative mod, its not bad idea

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    Really my only requirement for the map 'shepherding' is that it should, as far as possible, limit the amount of cheap edge camping in the game.

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    I think it should only be an alternative, and something like this has to be tested and refined. It will make camping at specific map features very likely (even though choke points are randomized). But then it depends how the choke points are designed. They could give opportunities to both camper and incoming players... and multiple entry points and ways of flanking and ambushing campers.

    In PUBG, on the bridges into the safe-zone, you expect campers. Same as within the few buildings left at the final circle. I don't think this is a bad thing, as it adds to the drama of the map and as long as you can anticipate it you aren't getting cheated.