Fighting arena in the Social Hub

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    I originally posted it on Discord:

    I would like to see a fighting arena, where players can fight. 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, and rules like bare hand, small guns, smgs, ars... etc. They can bet x money and the winner takes it all. Viewers, also can bet for the winner.

    Thinking further: High risk challenges(PVP, PVE, even BOSS fight). Survival mode (you (and your team) must survive 20, 40, 60 minutes on PVP, PVE environment (similar to BR, but not only PVE, healing longer and only 2x/4x/6x /game, and you are die instantly after fatal damage). The winner team or player can take the 80% of all bets.


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    This sounds kinda cool. A super small play field (maybe the size of a counter strike map or smaller) with obstacles like an indoor lazer tag or paintball match. You go through, you can walk and sneak or run and gun. And winner takes all from the bet made prior to the mini match. Gives players more to do. However, the basic battleroyal is coming first, and I believe they plan to bring us the MMORPG side in 2019. So IF this were to be added, it would come after the MMO which would work out fine in my mind.

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    "Thinking further: High risk challenges(PVP, PVE, even BOSS fight)."

    Remember that we have an MMO side of the game coming in the future. So things like that will exist by default in that game mode really.

    I don't see these coming before that, but some smaller "mini game" modes of 1v1 2v2 would be interesting to see for sure.

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    Yes a hand to hand combat arena would be really funny but I'm not sure how it would best be managed. If they are hosting 1000 players on a server then having a live area would be a pain to manage and see who you want fight or even get in the arena :(


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