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    Not sure if this has been discussed yet, but it would be great to see a tool to customize your avatar's body size.

    If we take PUBG for instance, every character male/female is the same build and height. Its a bit bland imo.

    Would be great to allow players to adjust these right at the start when they create their avatar to give the game a bit more life. Tall, short, fat, skinny and everything in between. It would also make the BR element a bit more unpredictable.

    If we again look at PUBG we have three basic head shot heights. Standing, Crouching and Prone. If you are both on level ground, a player that has played enough will know the height at which to aim to get the head shot. For example; Say you are both on either side of a building, you can hear the other player about to walk around a corner, all you need to do is aim at the right head height (which you have learnt from playing the game) then as soon as he walks around the corner you have a 50:50 chance of getting that head shot (he could also be in crouch position).

    Now say we have that same scenario, but with the ability to adjust a players height, that same player that comes around the corner, you could then only have a 16.6% chance of a head shot (assuming there was only an option of tall/medium/short avatar heights). That percentage could even be lower if you had a slide bar of how tall your avatar could be. The 'randomness' of each battle now has increased, providing a more rich experience.

    People might say, we might then have a Oddjob scenario, that we all had while playing Goldeneye on the N64, where house rules were players couldn't choose Oddjob coz he was so short and disadvantaged other players. In this case we need to have some advantages/disadvantages for each height selection.

    Perhaps vaulting over obstacles could be determined by height. A shorter avatar not being able to jump over a high wall, instead would need to run around, as opposed to a taller avatar that would just leap over it. Or a fallen down tree, leaning against a rock wall, the shorter avatar could crouch under it, where as the taller character would need to prone or vault over it.

    Then we come to weight/size of characters. More of a visual thing than anything, be able to adjust the build of the person to how we want. Suppose you wanted to be attached to The Syndicate, and you wanted your character to be quite large muscular build, have him in a suit would look different, instead of the same ol same ol of a lean character in a suit (or whatever you decide to dress your avatar as).

    Again perks can be given to your choices (but with greater care), like a larger muscular avatar would be stronger as a melee avatar (thinking just punching, more so when you first land and you cant find a weapon). I wouldn't want to see any defensive perks (everybody would just choose the big avatar if it meant they handled bullets better then smaller characters, that would be unfair). To balance the other builds, a medium or small build may have mechanics where they run quicker or vault quicker.

    This would then translate into the battlefield too, as your choice of build would also determine your cover. Tree size, rock size etc would now be even more critical choices when falling back in defence, as not everything is going to provide you with the same cover.

    Anyways, just a thought, what do you guys think? Be as critical as you like :)

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    So the focus of the BR mode is to be a competitive mode. Having different heights would mean there would be a 'best' height identified and everyone would just use that.

    I get wanting more variety in player sizes but the clothing customisation will make it tough to spot some people anyway and see if they are friendly or not.

    In a competitive game you get used to the small movements in your peripheral vision and if these are always different it will make the game feel too hard for most players due to having to adjust for each person's size.

    Also, think of it from a development point of view. They use motion capture so having the animations scale to different sizes would take extra CPU power which could be used for say the tracking etc.

    I do like the idea of more customisation of your character but I don't think it fits with the way the developers are heading.

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    As much as I would LOVE variable height and sizes for characters, I can't help but think back to the 007 days on N64 playing oddjob, and everyone bitching because he was so hard to hit being the shortest player in the game. I feel like this would happen in this game, because the hit boxes HAVE to match player size. And in ANY competitive fair game, there has to be advantages and disadvantages. If a player can be shorter, the will have to penalized for the smaller hit boxes, possibly slower run speed from being short with tiny legs.

    The biggest issue with pubg is that it isn't fair in any way shape and form, its 100% random and worse full of rng bullshit. I don't know how they could EVER think about putting it into the competitive space. You land, you walk into 3 buildings that have no loot, and then the other guy that landed near you got an M4, and a sniper, with lots of ammo, level 2 everything, and he blows you out of the water before you ever get a chance to defend yourself..... That isn't fair at all. That isn't competitive at all!!!

    IF pubg wanted to be "fair", they would need to figure out a way to end the randomness of spawned items. Its not always the same, you can land somewhere and snag a level 3 vest, next time you land there you don't get any vest. Now I am not saying that the items should always be the same, because then you have people who camp those spawns. But per town, there should be a standard amount of stuff to keep it fair. Even on pubg's map, I could land in a small town of 4 buildings and all 4 are lacking guns, literally, NO GUNS, all attachments, armor, helmets, ammo, but no guns.

    In my mind, the best way to make it fair, is to "pick" a spawn point to spawn. Each team picks a spawn point. Each village will have multiple spawn points around it (never in it) and each at a equal distance to the town. When the game starts, there is a pause before the actual start period (instead of lagging while you land from a parachute) kind of like a "match start" countdown. When the time hits, everyone is unfrozen and you run towards the town you choose to spawn at. You run indoors, and snag a gun. You can keep it random, like one house might have a UMP while another might have a VECTOR or another an M4. But each building will guarantee to have one gun of some type. If two teams or more spawn at the same town, both have to run towards the town they spawned in and grab weapons. OR one team might see the other team running in, and turn face and dip out. This would create fair play that isn't based on how lucky you are to get some loot. Each team would have a fair chance to grab a gun and kill the other team. But, with maps so large, most likely everyone will pick a different town. SOME might pick "hot spots" but you get the point.

    In order to create a fun game, it has to be fair. You can't do battle-royal without it being fair. Otherwise whats the point. The first game that breaks the randomness of current battleroyal games will be the one everyone flocks to.

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    Would be super convenient if there was a video coming later today about character customization huh ;)


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