Put the Game under NDA during beta until the main bugs/problems are fixed.

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    Please put the game under NDA during Founders and Closed Beta until the main bugs/problems are fixed. I hope Devs will consider it after they hear what happened with Fear the Wolves, releasing in it's poor and not finished state. Fear the Wolves is getting a really bad reputation at the moment for releasing it when the gameplay is clunky, lots of bugs, and showing the game to the public in it's state. I really love and care about Mavericks and want it to succeed, so please reconsider about putting the beta under NDA until most of the problems are fixed.

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    I don't agree with this for the following reasons:

    • I am selfish and want to stream and make content from the start. I paid for the privilege to play early and want to get the most of what I paid for.

    • Having the game criticised then shown to be improved is a far better marketing tool than just having a mostly working game for open beta.

    • The game will be receiving updates very frequently and appears to be progressing rapidly in terms of development so seeing how good the developers are at updates and features will give the community more confidence in them.

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    The initial reason I install a game is, of course ,because I think its good and has features in it I like.
    But what keeps me in that game, is the developers making constant iterations to that game, but not to that of Fortnite in which they do it just to do it, but actually meaningful changes, like bug fixes.
    I know I personally have left games because the issues were too abundant, but upon developers actually updating the game and trying to make it better, I was able to reinstall and get back into it (some for years at a time).
    But the only way I was able to know that it was improving, was from the content that was able to be uploaded by the community, without that I am not going through a 20gb update just to see how things are going.

    Games can always be reinstalled, so no NDA - from the beginning - from me.

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    I also disagree. There is SO LITTLE in terms of released content from the developers. they NEED to allow people to stream and show off the game, otherwise they wont be able to get hype for the game. You would think this game is popular, but it isn't. Its very NICHE, even showing up at E3 still didn't strike up a lot of buzz for it. I still talk to people who have no clue this game is even coming, they just go "mavericks, whats that?". So if anything, teaming up with popular streams in the closed beta to show the game off to get hype and buzz for the game is necessary for the game to survive past launch.


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