Objective based loot dugouts.

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    Objective based loot dugouts is idea that will reward players for completing an objective with a loot box hidden underground.

    For example. I have an objective that says kill an enemy player with explosives. Once the objective is complete, your drone (yes assuming this is your companion like the rumors say :p) will ping a nearby loot dugout where you can run up to and channel for 3-5 seconds to open.

    I think the loot dugout would make the most sense if it was like a typical weapon crate that's maybe an inch or less under the ground. You would see a tiny tab sticking out that when pulled the top would open. (channeling time)

    These dugouts would not be visible until someone completes the objective and only that player recieves the map notification. The spawn location is never the same. If you kill a player who has an unopened dugout, the location on the map is then forwarded to you. If a player never opens up one and you walk close to it your drone can detect it, or maybe only if you're good enough to spot the tab.(unsure on this)

    This can create an interesting dynamic that air drops can't, plus its more personal to the player.

    Based on the territory that the dugout is in, the bottom side of the lid could display the faction who controls that territory as a nice extra bit.

    Looking to expand the idea, just a quick thing I came up with this morning.

    If players are given an objective that is something that can be done during the mid game, I feel this could make the game feel a lot less stale during those potentially long drawn out 5-10 min periods of nothing happening.

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    I can see this being a good idea for the MMO part of the game. Maybe even on raid boss kills if there are objectives like that. The BR mode though wouldn't work with this. It looks like they want to have the BR aspect competitive and this is something that would be hard to balance correctly. Yes, there is risk and reward but if the objective was to get 2 pistol kills in a round, then you could kill two friends etc and then dominate with the weapon you get from the dugout.

    Good idea for the MMO though!!


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