Founders Weapon Kit

  • Founders

    I appreciate we are getting an exclusive weapon kit for being a founder but the skin doesn't look very epic.

    Founder Weapon Kit

    Yeah, there is gold trim on the weapon but that wouldn't stand out against the lava skull skin shown already.

    I know we don't know what the skins will be but we should be getting something people will want more than the other skins so they wish they were a founder.

    Maybe it would be better a matt skin that's much more tactical or the opposite, the only white and gold skin in the game.

    Why not give the founders a skin that we can tune the accents to different materials or colours to make a custom skin nobody else can make?


  • Founders

    Prettymuch like the PUBG trenchcoat?

  • Admin

    We've taken the more, classy approach, and not gone overboard on the founders skin, to stick with the colour scheme of other founders related content as well without looking over the top for now.