Winning a Game (Winner Winner Screen)

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    I was hoping of not seeing a generic dim black screen saying "you win"

    Instead, Make it so that your win screen be of the Mavericks tower shooting fireworks, People cheering/ Appuse / Maybe your faction cheering?chanting

    Any Other Suggestions?

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    Not really a fan of having an elaborate celebration like you're describing, but I agree that the winner screen in a game like PUBG is severely lacking. Most people I watch will usually exit the match instantly after a win..there's simply nothing worthwhile to see.

    I'd prefer some detailed statistics (individual and general) from the match, and individual "career" stats like wins, kills, and rating updating in real-time. For duo and squad games, it would be great to see your teammate's stats as well, including kills, knocks, damage dealt, headshots, time survived, revives, etc.

    It would also be a nice quality of life improvement to include a "rematch" feature on the final screen so that you don't have to load back into the lobby just to ready up and play again. Also, an "add as friend" button would be a welcome addition for those who like to queue with random players.

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    I think the fortnite end of the match it's one of the best ways to finish the game. People probably underestimate it because Fortnite it's all over the place right now, but before EVERY single fps game had a fixed screen with no movement whatsoever and a bunch of stats; personally I prefer the liberty to do what I want my character.