POV options in the Social Hub

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    In order of what I personally want to see the most

    1) Keybind to manipulate Third Person Perspective camera

    Standard TPP has a camera placed at the rear of the player model, with possible side to side movement based on the movement of the mouse, but considering there is so much detail being put into the cosmetic system, allow for the ability to press, for instance, middle mouse button to then allow the camera to be oriented further by the player. This would allow for the ability to see yourself for stream viewers, or simply give you the ability to take screenshots with you and some friends beside you.

    2) Camera distance from player model

    This would further allow the ability to take screenshots by allowing you to take a overhead shot, or perhaps paired with the camera manipulation (noted above), could allow for lines of people to have a screenshot taken
    Possible keybind: scroll wheel up/down

    3) Toggle of POV

    Perhaps default to TPP, but allow players the ability to change their POV in the social hub. I have no good reason to recommend this, but... MORE CUSTOMIZATION

    4) Drone control

    Get cinematic shots of player interactions by being able to control your drone and move around the hub


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