Remove signatures...

  • Founders

    ... or at least limit them to a very small amount of text and render in a subdued color.

    Unfortunately, they are one of the things where "a few" will sooner or later spoil it for everyone. It also puts repeated breaks in the flow of the text and makes it harder to follow the conversation.

    A layout that worked well on an old forum I used to frequent was to have a "user block" to the left of the post, so there was very little between the individual replies to break up the flow:-

    vB example

    A few things to note about this picture:-

    • I will try not to contribute to global link rot and do my best to preserve these image urls for as long as I can.
    • Yes. I am that old that I felt it was necessary to warn about 3MB of images! :-(

  • Founders

    Agreed. Not a fan of signatures.

  • Founders

    Even though I am one of the guys rocking a signature, I agree with you :P

    Simply from a moderation perspective, it will become too difficult and not worthwhile to keep them.

  • Admin

    If sigs get out of hand, I'll remove them, however profile images aren't able to be changed atm (think there's a backend issue there I can't seem to figure out)

    So it's nice to have the option of some level of individuality while these things are resolved. Especially atm, with most forum users being the active Founders members of the community, it's less likely for them to try and abuse the system etc as they actually care about the forums and how they're used.

    I'm keeping an eye on stuff for now, if it gets stupid, then they're gone.