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  • Game looks awesome but not enough information about gameplay/anticheat/Game meachnics and so on.

    One of my question is , you guys are planning First Person or Third Person ?
    Which anticheat are u guys gonna use?
    What Team Modes will there be ?
    400 Players how will you guys Manage that ?
    I have been playing BR games since Years and al of them had troubles with Server Issues , Ping Issues , Ping lock , Region Locks , Server tickrates and so on.

    So if there is any chance to get some information i would like to have them.


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    As for FPP and TPP, they will both be in the game. FPP will have a seperate mode where you can't use TPP since that'd give a disadvantage.
    I think they're going to use their own anticheat (not sure how it's going to work)
    There will be solos, duos and 5 man squads (these are the gamemodes that have been confirmed by the devs).
    For the last 2 questions, they use spatialOS to handle all of their server stuff. there's some more in depth videos about how it works on their youtube channel .

  • Thanks for the information , i guess the new Server Tech will also handle deysnch and sync problems if iam right ?!

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    @sonnydreamx3-0001 So you havnt been reading or watching the information out there, all the questions have been answered:

    1. FPP and TPP are both planned but not simultaneously
    2. SpatialOS has its own anticheat built into to core of the engine (more advanced than current anitcheat systems)
    3. Up to 5 player squads
    4. 400 is only for solo BR. 5 player squads are 1000. Thank Spatial OS for the technology for that.
    5. BR games or game sin general will always have these issues and Mavericks will do too until they get mass live data. The crux of it is SpatialOS is a new way of approaching the server for gaming and should reduce all of these problems.

    Have a google of SpatialOS and you can see the potential it has and why they have chosen it for the engine behind the network.


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