I think one thing every BR is missing is some type of Blink or Roll.

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    One of the most consistent ways to die in any BR game is being shot from some direction and not being able to cover or return fire before it's too late, simply because they saw you first. I've always wished there was a way to stop that initial attack.

    Fortnite solved this by adding building, you get shot you can throw a wall/ramp up and not take nearly as much damage as you would in PUBG or any other BR.

    I believe there could be an attainable ingame item maybe, or just a default ability everyone gets. Either a short blink or dive and barrel roll with a 30 second cooldown. One of the main reasons I enjoy Fortnite is because it's much easier to stay alive as you always have a defense.

    (btw this was the 1000th post on the Community Forums pretty neat!)

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    @agent6-0001 Just no.

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    Increased fluidity of movement is always beneficial in creating a good competitive experience. Nothing puts the dampers on your enjoyment than dying to 'clunky' mechanics. That should definitely be a priority for the movement system.

    That said, I think you're looking at this from the wrong angle. Battle Royale is a game mode where survival is key - Why are they seeing you first? You shouldn't be letting your opponents get such an advantage on you, if you let them sneak up behind you then you deserve a knife in the back!

    Add to that the fact that Mavericks is going for the 'realism' side of the spectrum - Why do you think you should get the opportunity to avoid the majority of damage when you were caught off guard? If a player succeeds in flanking and sneaking up on an unsuspecting target there is no way in hell the target should be 'getting a break' for being so careless.
    If you're standing still and take a round to the head it should be lights-out not 'have another go', that's what the next round is for.

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    Battle Royale's are a game about positioning and rotations, if you can do that better than another, you should be rewarded with the kill.

    With that being said, although armor does provide the benefit of providing you with more time to react before you go down, I wouldn't be opposed to a sliding mechanic, given animations and server update rates are fluid (so I can still hit the person sliding), head is at the height of a crouch position, and has a cooldown of 3 seconds or more between subsequent slides.

    This would keep it in touch with the realistic aspect of the game (unlike a blink), meanwhile keeping the head at an predictable position (unlike a roll) while not relying on the RNG of getting an in-game ability/item to give you an advantage (that either everyone or no one should have).

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    @sharpy-0001 I feel like positioning and strategic plans should benefit and reward over anything in a BR game. But a small, fluid motion that you could use to outplay someone who for example is proned in a random place that benefits them for not being creative and clearly lacking in skill. Often time's skilled players get put into difficult situations they would have been impossible to avoid and a small mobility mechanic would be nice. But nothing that looks unrealistic or unfluid. Needs to fit into the already existing mechanics/animations. A small slide, or dive roll every 5-10 seconds seems good. Nothing that can be spammed, please.


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