Founders pack on steam ?

  • Will founders pack be added on steam also ?

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    I don't think so, I believe you have to become a "Founder" through their website exclusively. This is no way confirmed or set in stone, so if anybody knows differently, please correct me.

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    The beta itself might not be available on steam, so I wouldn't expect it. Beyond that, I'm fairly certain all transactions will be in-game or via their website considering it will use a separate login from that of your steam account. Although they could link it, I wouldn't expect it as their only motivation to do it would be the steam trading system, which won't be needed as that will all be done in game.

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    I'm not going to lie, I think Mavericks getting on board with Steam is seriously great business opportunity. The bottom line is this game needs people playing it to be successful and Steam has built the best gaming retail userbase in the business. Having this sold via Steam makes it dumby proof for many potential customers.

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    And they realize this, which is why they ensured us that it will be on Steam.

    But I'm sure their reluctance to putting it on Steam from the beginning (during beta) comes from people expecting a finished product. They want to make an impact on the market, and don't want to take a chance of people comparing their beta build to that of other games early access or released builds. Not all people can remember that their game of choice once looked underdeveloped compared to what they are now.


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