An idea for the map (not the actually map, the "M" key map)

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    Since the games time placement seems to be set in the future maybe we can get an electronic map, kinda like Islands of Nyne, but not that advancedalt text
    (Islands of Nyne map for those that don't know ^) So i was thinking it would be cool to have circle wait time and close time featured like ION. Also some sort of weather advisory system telling you the percentage of rain or if fog/ storms might come. Another idea could be a digital clock (or maybe a watch) to tell the time so you know where the best cover and positioning will be over time.

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    I have to say NO. Simply because ripping off other ideas from other games isn't really how you make a game (although, some might argue otherwise).

    I think whatever is planned for Mavericks, they do it how they already planned to. Island of Nyne is a shit game. The movement is clunky and the bullet/gun play is ass. Kinda sad I paid for it....

    I wont mind the idea of an electronic map, only if it fits the game narrative (yes i know supposedly mavericks are an island of misfits form the world who are into gathering or hoarding technology). However, I also don't care for having the map on the Q key. we shouldn't be spending 50% of the game looking at a map. We should be moving along and killing people.

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    Agree with @namco-0001 on that one. Payed my £20 and played maybe a dozen rounds of Islands of Nyne - it just doesn't feel right. Maybe, as namco says, its the gunplay and the movement. It's not likely to get launched again anytime soon and will more that likely be deleted next time I have a clean-up.

    The map on IoN also felt a bit too much like style over substance.

    Keep in mind, that the navigation system in MVX needs to also cover the MMO side of things. Perhaps with custom annotations, markers, waypoints, etc.

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    I like Islands of Nyne, I think they did a great thing making a BR concept that's super fast paced with Counter-Strike gunplay. I like the premise of ION but after all is said and done its too hallow, the games in alpha/beta just like every other game is but it has a long ways to go as of right now its a shell of a game, but I have to say I do feel like the initial stepping stones they have in the game now are a great foundation but its just so simple currently.

    Mavericks isn't even in the same concept of IO9, every game developer needs to dig into games that have already come out that they can glean some information from, I think that's important but I really think based off what I've seen from Mavericks this is an entirely unique concept they are going after but a very complicated un-treaded territory with the BR/MMO concept that is going to be a seriously learning curve. Time will tell.

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    What if the map was different for every faction. Maybe the way the map looks or a different animation when you look at the map.

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    To respond to @namco-0001, I agree, but i was talking about the idea of a holographic map (instead of a normal paper map) from it and maybe have it on a watch that displays everything as stated above. Also ION is a game thats extremely fast and is definitely different then (and will hopefully) Mavericks. That's really the only idea from nyne (and probably other games do this) that could fit in the game. I also agree with not looking at the map the whole game, but if the game is 1000 players, like planned, it would be nice to have more details on the surroundings.


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