Stop deleting threads, maybe?

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    Twice now, entire threads have just vanished.

    I saw another post today that was an identical copy of one I wrote a comprehensive reply to yesterday. But there is no sign of the original or my reply.

    I did flag the original for moderation but in the message left a note saying that the required moderation was to move the post as it probably didn't belong in the Founders forum. Now it has just gone.

    Do you not have the ability to move threads?

    The second one was when Lyrill got banned. Seems all his content just got removed. Yes, a lot of what he was posting was gibberish and/or rude and offensive. But in my experience it's better to lock those threads with a moderator note saying why its locked. Eg "that the kind of content will not be tolerated". Thus, other people can learn from the mistakes/behaviour of the likes of Lyrill.

  • Moderator

    Sorry about that. I have brought back the other thread and locked it.
    We can move topics, but since he had already made a new one it would've meant it was there double.

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    Thanks @Dunc4n-0001 :grinning:


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