Red zone, natural dizaster?

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    What abou tmaking red zones a bit more exiting, if you will implement them.
    This will require more work but could be really cool.


    • Thunder
    • Whirpool
    • landslide
    • Tornado? would be really hard to do and to make it look good but.
    • Sinkhole + earthquake

    I think this is a bit unrealistic but, if it can be done it would be mutch more exiting than just bombs out of heaven.

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    No "red zone" mechanic at all, please.

    On at least one occasion, I've heard the devs say they'd like to reduce RNG, so I trust they have the good sense not to include this type of thing.

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    Do not speak that unspoken name.

    But seriously, the concept of redzone is so stigmatized, associating with that word can doom ideas.
    The sound, the stagnating loss of time, the algorithm allowing 3-4 successive red zone in a row.. I was never once killed by it in my 400+ hours playtime & love concept of artillery usage... but the red zone is an awful mechanic of meme proportions.

    Now solely speaking of tornadoes, storm, earthquake in themselves..not bad concepts if properly conceived & implemented...maybe a once off occurrence in any given game (ex: remember when that storm knocked those trees over?).

    But please, red zone & its ilk aren't welcome around these here parts.

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    Random environmental events (in addition to dynamic weather) which will change how you approach/react to a situation would be pretty cool. Nothing that has the chance of instakilling you like 'the redzone' though, that makes it a bad mechanic.

    Say for example, low lying areas can be prone to severe flooding in heavy rainfall, this could cause you to divert via higher ground, wade/swim across while fighting the current or maybe even use the destructible environment to fell a tree forming a bridge. The decision you make would be influenced by what's going on, how much time you have and if you are currently under fire, being chased or chasing an opponent etc.

    Or a if a lightning strike hits a combustible object (say a tree) then it explodes (dealing minor splash/shrapnel damage, trees do explode when hit by lightning) and catches fire. If it's raining then the fire has little chance of spreading and eventually goes out, but if it's dry then it can start a spontaneous forest fire which will need to be avoided, or burn down a building which could have been (or is currently being) used for cover etc.

    (Since fire/destructible environments are going to be a thing there's even the possibility of having a CO2 fire extinguisher as a weapon/equipment that you could use to put out such events before they grow out of control and destroy your cover/become a threat... or whack someone over the head with it in a pinch)

    Things like this can add variety to the game experience and also increased/reduced difficulty depending on the situation at hand, while not being a pure RNG 'you die now, suck it' mechanic as you will always have time to react to them in a multitude of ways, with it being very unlikely to result in a death that you couldn't have prevented in some way.