PUBG Player stats are dropping.

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    In this other thread, @Dracas-0001 pulls out some stats about PUBG. The tl;dr of that post is that PUBG appears to be losing players at a pretty quick rate.

    Do you think this is impacting queue times?

    On more than one occasion I join a game only to never make it out of the holding area - it gets to about 70-80 players (slowly) then eventually starts to drop again as people leave and re-queue.

    There must be a point where the number of active players gets low enough that you spend longer queueing for a full game than you do actually playing. Especially of you are one of the 30-40% that like to hot-drop and get RNG'd out of the game on the first 2 mins.

    Will this effect be worse for Maverick's target of 400 player games?

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    Until we se how SpatialOS works, we can't really be sure about how the game will behave in a 400 player enviorment.


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