Linux support?

  • Is there already support for Linux?

    I'd also be willing to play an unofficial client. Would then buy the game normally. It would be cool if you could publish something there early. As a Linux user I don't expect a perfectly working game. Watching such a project come into being is also fun.

  • Founders

    This was asked on reddit about 6 months ago. James' response was quite positive:-

    Yes, there will be a Linux version of Mavericks (in fact we already use Linux for all game-related workers and servers, including physics and game logic)! Sadly, it is unlikely to be at launch, but the majority of the work has already been done for native Linux support (no need for porting). The delay is that we must first make sure the Vulkan renderer is production-ready. It's getting there, but we don't have a fixed date. We will make an announcement as soon as we do 🙂

    I also asked a similar question after one of the round table videos where Vulkan was mentioned pretty much every time DirectX was mentioned. Similar response:-

    Don't think we're 100% on it but it would make it significantly easier to implement as Vulkan on Linux is in a very good place from my understanding. Unless there's more work than justifies the playerbase or a monumental hitch stopping us I don't see why we wouldn't bring Mavericks to Linux.

    I wouldn't build any hopes on playing the beta's on Linux, but hopefully it won't be too far behind the PC version.