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    One thing I have missed in all Battle Royale games is the ability to draw on the map. As draw lines, arrows, squares, triangles, unicorns and whatever by free hand. Some times it can be a struggle to explain something only using the pin - and at the same time have everyone watch the map as you frantically spam the pin around to try to "draw"/explain your suggestion to your team mates. Free hand drawing would be lovely (sort of like DotA2 to mention one). Guessing the drawings either vanishes after a set amount of time, or you can hit delete to remove your drawings. Also I think we would need a maximum amount of pixels drawn at one point to avoid spamming from griefing random team mates.

    What do you guys think?

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    That would be pretty cool!

    I have also lost count of the number of times I have tried to communicate "Let's run along this ridge, down the valley, and between these two buildings."


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    Really like the idea for if we get a digital map, for the maximum amount of pixels thing there should be a button to hide the drawings from a specific teammate. Hope the devs see this :D

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    Being able to draw on the map for your teammates is a very useful tool for quickly explaining strategies or enemy movements/positions etc.

    It also by nature of itself allows you to have multiple map markers so you don't forget previous things that you may still want marked. I wouldn't replace map markers completely however, it's useful being able to have markers display on your compass for quick navigation etc.

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    Sounds amazing to me! Hope they implement something like this

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    I would prefer the map drawing be personal only. To me, there is no reason why someone else's drawing should show up on my map. Mavericks is supposedly going for somewhat realistic game play. Sure you could say on a digital computer map, you could do it, but those satellite linked mini touch-screens are actually pretty large and bulky which i guess if you like that okay.

    Maybe they can have either a basic map ipad/screen deal and then the bigger satellite linked one you can draw on for teammates. One will add to your overall weight while the other is lightweight with less features. This way they can help both styles of players without breaking the overall game.

    On that note, I have NEVER had communication issues. Almost every BR game has a compass with numbers on it, to dictate where people are. So if "we gonna run along the ridge at 210" everyone knows where. I have never had someone go "where?". Real time vocal communication works better than drawing on a map.... But i guess to each their own.

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    That depends how spread out your team are. What is 210 for you could be 180 for someone else.

    Also, why would it need to be satellite linked?

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    I agree with Gargoyle, too many people simply say "There's a guy at the tree at 180" which in most cases means nothing to me. Mostly because his 180 is not the same as my 180 unless I sit next to him. But in any case, this feature wasn't mainly meant for explaining where enemies are, allthought it would be handy for that too. But I can see the best application of this is to draw up and explain the route you want to suggest to take to the next safe zone. This would often be done by placing a pin 3 towns over and accompanied by a verbal "Let's go here guys" when using standard BR maps with pins, but given the ability to draw you can easily also show your team the route you want to take to get from A to B.

    Another thought is that these drawings will not replace pins, as I still think pins have a place on the map, and especially on the compass. I don't think drawings should be visualized on the compass however, this would just look messy.

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    Draw feature would be awesome for sure. I also think you should be able to hit a button so that where your crosshair is pointing, it'll ping on the map for your team. So for example, you see a guy and don't want to fire to give away your position yet but want to communicate the location. Simply click a keybind at the tree he's next to and the team can see. Otherwise you have to click map and predict where they are, Yes I do see one possible negative to this. It allows people to get exact meter distance. Which for a mil sim game I can totally see that being a bit too easy.

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    @cheekydroid-0001 I 100% agree with the last part of your post, that there definitely are negatives with a "ping where you look" - function. It's the new function that will come to PUBG this patch, and I don't think most people will realize how big an effect it will have for gameplay. What would previously be the case was that you shot at someone (in squads) and perhaps the one you shot at saw you. Then he will probably yell out "Shots at me from 125" or something similar. His teammates still have no clue where you are, apart from the general direction (which if they were close they would have heard anyway). The first person will typically perhaps then explain, "2nd floor on the red house, window on the right" etc, and eventually they all eyes will be on you.

    Now, with the point and click marking, he will notice the shots you take. He will aim at you for a split second and mark. And now you have 4 guns pointed at you. Just like that.

    We did get this function for ArmA3 Exile Mod, and everyone was really happy about it. Buuuut after a while everyone saw the problem. It's just not the way to go.

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    It's awesome if you and your teammates understand each others' descriptions so well that you can just laserbeam in on something quickly. For a large number of us, we have complications trying to coordinate tactical play. Whether it be due to misjudging compass headings from the caller, or that I (personally, me, I do this) work much better visually then trying to use muh words.

    I'm honestly the guy that is like "2 dudes, 180 next to...ah...crap...what's the thing called? THE THING!!" but I'll draw a coordinated tactical plan out complete with insertion points for teammates with a much more clear plan of action than the sound of my stuttering. This is probably largely due to my anxiety disorder, but it's easier for me to think in shapes and colors in general.

    I do agree that we should be able to "mute" a teammate's drawings, or maybe even be able to cycle between the full team and each individual's drawings. Definitely shouldn't replace markers, though. Markers are too useful to be replaced by drawings.

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    @thooom-0001 I can't tell you how many times I thought I described something well enough, then found out there were 2 or 3 other things matching my description in the local area and compass heading from my teammates.

    On a note about the point and ping, I think this would be useful if only you could see it, but it also had a meter estimate when you ping. This way, you still have to explain "250 next to the thick tree" but then you can also add "200 meters out". This would allow your teammates to use their own pings if they chose, or you could even use it to instead gather data for enemy map movements and use the info for the drawing method. PUBG Mobile uses this feature effectively, but the ping is seen by everyone because the buildings and objects are so basic that there are duplicates found everywhere.

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    A ping that only you can see sounds kind of good. But I would like to point out the benefits of getting a range when doing so, this will help people zero in on their targets. As in many people would perhaps zero their rifle at 400m when in fact it is 600m, if they could use personal pings that gave them the range it would lower the skill cap a bit when sniping.

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    @thooom-0001 Yep agree, this or at least a classic grid where every square has the same ratio set so players can calculate e.g that 1 square is 1 km or whatever.

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    I'm pretty sure that is the case in most games nowadays. At least in PUBG 1 square is 1km, or 100m if you zoom to the smaller squares. Not sure about Fortnite, I don't really play it and I'm not even sure you would even need to know distances in that game.


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