Anatomical Damage

  • Forgive me if this concept has already been discussed and/or posted about previously,

    After watching the first round table & contemplating becoming a founder, among other imaginary ques the concept of this game gave me, I started to wonder primarily; will this game feature a system of anatomical distribution of damage? In laments terms or TL:DR
    If part of your body gets damaged by someone/something, will there be some sort of effect that has on your player character relative to the location that is hurt.
    Other games have done this in the past, and I would love to see the integration of such a system, because I feel it pairs very well with the series of separate systems that leave "clues" as to what happened in in a given moment.

    Thank you

  • Founders

    Do you mean like, take too much damage in the leg and you'll move slower and with a limp until you can heal up again?

    I always like the idea of these sorts of damage effects but I've never actually played a game that incorporated them so I couldn't say if they would become overly restrictive to the fluidity of gameplay. I do like the concept and would love to see how it does actually effect gameplay though.

  • That's exactly what i'm talking about. I'd love to see shot sway and time restrictions on ironsight-zoom if shot in the arm, vision disturbances if surviving a headshot or otherwise concussed, Limping and jump restrictions if legs are damaged and so on and so forth


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