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    Hey, everyone!

    I'm the player PVPavement, but you can call me Dorian (D for short). I've only been playing BR games for a few months on a potato computer, but I'll be getting in a newer gaming laptop next week and I'm excited to get into Mavericks PG.

    When it comes to PC, I mostly play MMOs so the mix sounds cool. I enjoy a good story to go along with my slaughtering of various foes (and the occasional ally, accidentally of course). Unlocking secret achievements and completing epic tasks feeds a need I have that I don't really get outside of video games.

    And I really do enjoy video games. I've been gaming for as long as i can remember...way back to this Disney point and click adventure in the early 90s, though I'm sure I had access to Nintendo games before that.

    For a little bit, I ran a Let's Play channel with some friends and we pulled in a little over 100 real subs (no sub trading, alt accounts, and only a few family/friends). It lasted for a good couple months of edited videos going up every day, but it got exhausting doing the editing alone. Now, I have a YT channel with very few videos up of PUBG Mobile run on the Tencent emulator and I'm just figuring out how to edit again.

    I'd love to game with some new friendly people soon. Honestly, I don't do well with stress from being yelled at over games and mayyyybe I can get a little over competitive, but I swear my heart's in the right place.

    So yeah, I'm D. It's a pleasure to meet you.