Haus=VX9= from =VX9= Gaming Community saying hello

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    Hey guys,

    We, =VX9=, have been around since 2000, remain cheat free, and adults 18+ only. We have over 1500+ members community wide with 100 of those PUBG players who also dabble in Fortnite and Realm Royale. We are going to be heavy into Mavericks during Founders Launch. If you are looking for a gaming group, add me on steam (Haus=VX9= guy in the Superman Shirt) or visit and hit us up. We won't disappoint.

    Gotta win those chicken dinners 😛

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    I've pinged you a friend request on Steam. Would be nice to get a few more PUBG squad games in with people who are not 16 year old brats while waiting for the beta! 🙂