Scopes? Sights?

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    Looking at gameplay and screenshots of gameplay (granted its early in development) but it looks like there aren't scopes or sights to attach on guns. I really hope this is not the case. I would love to have option of doing iron sights, red dot or holo, or scope. I was very pleased that the game will have ADS. I was really afraid that it would be 'aim over shoulder, like in fortnite. But anyway would love to hear from anyone who may know. From looking at game play and screenshots, I don't see any spot in the loadout for a sight or optic. Any thoughts/input?

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    there will be scopes and aim down sights. just because you haven't seen much yet doesn't mean there isn't.... the game isn't anywhere near "launch" as launch is "planned" for December. so we have time before we can make assumptions of things being lacking.

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    Scopes and various other attachments will be in the game.

    Source: VIDEO


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