Interval scanning to reveal player/ squad captain location

  • In reference to this post, GGO Esque game, I truthfully believe that utilizing a system which scans and updates the map with some sort of point to reveal a squads location based off squad leader is much more engaging then forcing players to cram into one area that ends up being closed in by a death circle. Obviously it hasn't been discussed on if that would be a mechanic, I think, the death circle that is. Using an interval scan, set up to reveal a squad leader's location every x minutes would be much better. It enables for more strategy and interesting game play. It does have its flaws though, if your always running and hiding instead of fighting, then the matches would go on indefinitely, but I feel as if that could be solved by some other means. I believe this would be possible since SpacialOS keeps track of all the players locations, in which you would only need the squad leaders position to provide the data. I would much rather prefer to see a interval based scan that reveals player locations after x minutes, more reasonably, 15-30 minutes.


    • Interval based scans to reveal squad leader/ player location
    • Interval based scans replace the idea of needing a death circle
    • In reference to this post: GGO Esque game
    • Map shows a point where the player/ leader is

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    im for it and against it. i say if it fits with mavericks current planned state, do it. if not, don't do it.

    when i heard of mavericks, it instantly made me think of SAO:Season 2 and the newer SAO:GGO spin off. because even though its an anime, the point was an MMOFPS that had a battle-royal tournament mode that had very realistic gameplay (considering you were IN the game mentally through the full dive vr gear) and bushes would break and move when you went through, you could blow up buildings, and all kinds of shit. which to me sounds just like mavericks minus the full dive vr. super hyped. can't wait for the end of the month to play alpha.

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    @anonymous-0015 said in Interval scanning to reveal player/ squad captain location:

    Obviously it hasn't been discussed on if that would be a mechanic, I think, the death circle that is.

    The concept of a "death circle" has been both discussed and shown in demo footage. They're also planning mini objectives around the map that will draw players together and promote conflict, so it shouldn't just be a rehash of the typical BR formula.

    Personally, I don't think location scanning would work well at all. Though I admit I've never played a game with that mechanic.


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