Ello, ello, ello

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    It is me you have been looking for.

    How you all doing?

    I know that for one, I'm looking forward to a fresh challenge. Pubg has been removed from my computer, this has not been easy, but full on cold turkey is the only way to go. Like many others have mentioned on here, when you come from playing CS then CS 1.6 to CS:GO it is easy to see that some things in Pubg are just not ever going to get fixed 😞 I had a serious love hate addiction to the dam game ♦

    I'm now looking for a group to run with on Mavericks, most of my friends only want MMO's and wont listen to me now after forcing them to play DayZ and Pubg, my opinion on games has taken so much of a knock they only want the next Boarderlands to be released now....

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    I'm in approximately the same position, most of my friends won't listen to reason and pre-purchase this game, so I will be friendless for the closed beta. We can make a friendless clan for people like us, it would be the equivalent of a singles night on Valentine's.

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    @thooom-0001 I don't know if my friends will be picking this one up or not. One probably won't have a computer powerful enough to run it well and the other is currently running on unemployment so his funds are low. Even then, the one with the crappy laptop doesn't seem to continue playing games that all of us want to play together...it's weird. lol

    I'm down for a Single's Night on Vday. Who's making the Discord server? lol

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    Haha @PVPavement-0001, sounds good. Some Discord servers will probably emerge once the game comes out 🙂 Otherwise someone oughta make a Mavericks LFG Discord.

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    What if there's a LFG channel in the official Mavericks discord? 😛
    There will hopefully be one, and if there isn't I'm for sure going to be begging for one.

    Anyway, welcome!