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    what are good pc specs to play video game mavericks proving ground

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    All I've heard in terms of specs is that the game should run very well on a GTX 960, and that the minimum spec will be quite a bit below that level of GPU. It was discussed briefly by the development team in this video.

    It's possible that someone else has newer info they can share.

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    AMD Ryzen 1800X, Dual 1080Ti's and 32GB RAM.


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    @gargoyle-0001 I know that's overkill...but if those specs end up being the "recommended" specs, I will be a sad panda. I just got a MSi laptop with an 8th Gen 4 core i7, Geforce GTX 1050 (4GB), and 16GB RAM.

    It's not ideal for streaming a game like MPG I'm sure, but it should get the job done...I hope.

    Edit: CPU might be 6 cores...

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    Yup. Those specs are overkill for most things! :-)

    I'm a DevOps during the day, so it's not uncommon for me to be running half a dozen VM's in order to test out server configs and clustering etc. The RAM and Ryzen CPU are awesome for that - I am really tempted to save up for a ThreadRipper 2 - because who doesn't want 32 cores!? ;-)

    I got the second 1080Ti because we got a little bonus at work and something deep inside me prevents me doing anything remotely sensible with "bonus" cash! :joy: