Questions about colsed BETA!

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    I have a few questions regarding the betas and the founders perks.

    1. Are players allowed to stream/record and share game play during the closed beta, or any betas before game is fully released?
    2. It keeps saying that the closed beta will be made available for the first 100,000 sign I sign up by buying founders pack or is there a separate list somewhere where I would need to sign up on in order to get a key?
    3. Do we have a rough estimate on when in August that beta will be released?
    4. Not a questions, but I am very excited for this game because it looks AMAZING!

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    1. It is currently being discussed whether or not there will be a Non-Disclosure Agreement during the closed beta. If there is a NDA, then you won't be able to stream the closed beta. I'm not sure about whether you can record it for later video uploads or not. The open beta might be streamable, we'll just have to wait and see.

    2. The sign-up positions are currently filled, so the only way to get access to the closed beta currently is to become a Founder. You don't need to sign up anywhere as far as I know, you'll just have to wait for a notification about the betas.

    3. Just sometime towards the end of August. The actual date is unknown as they haven't released the information anywhere yet. They also claim that they are on schedule, so we should be seeing it this month.

    4. I looks sweeeeeeeet!